The anti-abortion lobby is back on the warpath
By Julie Bindel - 20 January 10:59

With Tory MPs in favour of reducing time limits on terminations, feminist campaigners have a fight o

Arizona, arms and Aussie-style boozing
By Peter Wilby - 20 January 10:53

Why Jared Lee Loughner-style shootings would be inconceivable in the UK. Also, David Chaytor’s priso

Leader: The beginning of the end of the NHS
By Staff blogger - 20 January 7:20

The coalition's reforms pave the way for the full-scale privatisation of the health service.

Glorious Gloria vetoes voter
By Kevin Maguire - 20 January 7:20

A floating voter takes a shine to Gloria De Piero.

The coalition is held together by fear
By Vernon Bogdanor - 20 January 7:20

The Tory-Lib Dem pact gelled because both parties worried that Britain’s economy would collapse. But

The land of broken promises
By David Blanchflower - 19 January 18:01

The coalition may claim to be committed to front-line services and public-sector jobs, but the econo

“Vote Lib Dem!” says Gove (sort of)
By Duncan Robinson - 19 January 17:33

Education Secretary appears to implore voters to back Lib Dems when the Tories have no chance of win

David Owen: Lib Dems must “call a halt” to Conservative health reforms
By Duncan Robinson - 19 January 15:59

The former leader of the SDP attacks current Lib Dem policy in an essay in this week’s <em>New State

Cameron faces first Commons defeat
By Duncan Robinson - 18 January 18:22

David Davis and Jack Straw manage to secure a debate on giving prisoners the vote.

Laurie Penny: this divorce tax is emotional terrorism
By Laurie Penny - 17 January 14:29

Persuading poor people to stay married eases the strain on housing stocks and provides a modesty slip for inequality.

Full transcript | David Cameron | Speech on public service reform | 17 January 2011
By David Cameron - 17 January 12:16

"These reforms aren't about theory or ideology - they are about people's lives."

The politics of aspiration is dead: Laurie Penny on the new, defeatist rhetoric
By Laurie Penny - 13 January 14:36

No political party can now promise social mobility – instead politicians push the rhetoric of revenge.

British Political Facts
By Geoffrey Wheatcroft - 13 January 11:14

Not long ago I wrote an essay about Tony Blair and matters related for an estimable American journal.

Exclusive: Vince Cable – “Keynes would be on our side”
By Duncan Robinson - 13 January 10:46

Cable argues in this week’s New Statesman that the famous economist would back the coalition’s econo

Ed can’t afford to miss this open goal
By Mehdi Hasan - 13 January 10:32

A recent 8-point lead over the Tories, sharing public feeling over the VAT increase and bankers’ pay

Citizen Dave’s back-door dash
By Kevin Maguire - 13 January 10:32

Tory apparatchiks should choose more carefully next time they pick a hideaway for Cameron.

After the recession, the real pain begins
By Gavin Kelly - 13 January 9:37

Fuel price protests rattled Blair. The 10p tax row dogged Brown. Is David Cameron ready for the stor

Keynes would be on our side
By Vince Cable - 12 January 16:14

Vince Cable argues that although everyone claims to be a Keynesian, the coalition’s strategy of libe

Exclusive interview: Julian Assange on Murdoch, Manning and the threat from China
By New Statesman - 12 January 14:03

The WikiLeaks founder talks to John Pilger.

Gove’s school league tables will fail the poorest pupils
By Jonathan Clifton - 12 January 9:20

The introduction of the English Bac will push money away from those children who need it most.

Lessons for the left in 2011
By Benjamin Fox - 11 January 17:42

Don’t underestimate Cameron and get lucky.

Why did the police send Kennedy undercover?
By Alison Banville - 11 January 15:13

The efforts of the police to undermine democratic protest expose the ugly political realities of Bri

“Employers’ charter” is another attack on Britain’s youth
By Duncan Robinson - 10 January 18:11

If Cameron is serious about creating jobs, he should cut National Insurance – not workers’ rights.

Losing the argument on cuts
By Jonathan Derbyshire - 09 January 12:59

David Cameron continues to preach to the converted.

Hacktivists of the world unite
By Duncan Robinson - 08 January 13:22

A report from Netroots UK.

Internet activism: for and against
By Jonathan Derbyshire - 08 January 12:07

Evgeny Morozov versus Netroots UK.

Anger in Acacia Avenue
By Jonathan Derbyshire - 08 January 9:24

Is an English Tea Party on the way to exploit middle-class discontent?

Full transcript | Nick Clegg | Speech on civil liberties | London | 7 January 2011
By Nick Clegg - 07 January 12:32

The Deputy Prime Minister's speech on "restoring British liberty".

Miliband hires Obama’s mentor to revive Labour
By Dan Hodges - 06 January 15:18

Arnie Graf will conduct a “year zero” review of Labour’s organisation and campaign structures.

Tony Howard, establishment radical
By Roy Hattersley - 06 January 12:59

Roy Hattersley pays tribute to the former <em>New Statesman</em> editor and leaker of secrets from S