Campbell on Campbell
By Alastair Campbell - 03 February 11:06

The feared former spin doctor reflects on what the latest instalment of his diaries reveals about hi

The orange umbrella that revolutionised dissent
By Samira Shackle - 03 February 10:45

How UK Uncut's peaceful and creative direct action has brought tax justice to the high streets.

The rights and wrongs of Ed Balls
By Irwin Stelzer - 03 February 8:24

Ed Miliband’s choice of shadow chancellor is right. But to take the fight to George Osborne and stay

Leader: A taxing problem, alternative thinking required
By Staff blogger - 03 February 7:39

The coalition's neglect of the "squeezed middle" presents opportunities for Labour.

What David Cameron can learn from the Charge of the Light Brigade
By David Blanchflower - 03 February 7:36

Why would anyone stubbornly stick to the same course – when it’s obviously the wrong one?

The Returning Officer
By Stephen Brasher - 03 February 7:36


The Prime Minister and his band of unhappy Tories
By Tim Montgomerie - 03 February 7:36

If Cameron is to survive midterm unpopularity, he needs to do much more to raise his party’s morale.

Denis menaced by Gallic spooks
By Kevin Maguire - 03 February 7:36

Wild talk that Tommy "Gun" Watson issued a hacking fatwa on the News of the World in a great Talibrown conspiracy - in which Big Gordie and the boys extracted revenge for Rupert Murdoch's papers havin

Michael Chanan's video blog: On Campus
By Staff blogger - 02 February 16:44

FILM: Terry Eagleton and others on the anti-cuts movement.

End the Punch-and-Judy politics
By Olly Grender - 02 February 16:42

A less confrontational, more thoughtful era of politics has to start with David Cameron.

Leaked Labour email: lay off Murdoch
By Dan Hodges - 02 February 11:07

Opposition leader attempts to turn down the heat on the phone-hacking scandal.

Jan Moir’s myths about EMA
By James Mills - 01 February 12:37

EMA’s critics wilfully ignore the positive aspects of the soon-to-be scrapped scheme.

Andrew Neil is right
By Benjamin Fox - 31 January 18:36

It’s time to break open the political class.

Full transcript | David Cameron | Speech to World Economic Forum Annual Meeting 2011 | 28 January 2011
By David Cameron - 28 January 15:25

"Today, I want to make the case for optimism - for confidence in our future."

Young Labour leaked email
By Dan Hodges - 28 January 12:42

When you’re a Jet, you’re a Jet.

Falling consumer confidence is more bad news for Osborne
By David Blanchflower - 28 January 11:24

The continued collapse of consumer confidence will bring a gaggle of U-turns from the coalition.

News International's problem is now Cameron's problem.
By Christopher Montgomery - 27 January 14:49

Employing and then losing Andy Coulson illustrates the Prime Minister's worst flaws.

Time for a quiet rebellion over library closures
By Robin Ince - 27 January 14:16

Budget cuts put more than 375 libraries under threat. We should be outraged, says Robin Ince (but ke

Fear on the front line
By Peter Hyman - 27 January 14:15

2011 will be a year of seismic change to our public services. A teacher, GP, lawyer, social worker,

The Postman
By Roy Mayall - 27 January 14:13

“The Royal Mail is being slashed back, and it breaks this old postie's heart"

An unjust sentence for an idiotic boy
By Alice Miles - 27 January 14:09

Yes, Edward Woollard — who threw a fire extinguisher from a roof at a student protest — was criminal

The Legal Aid Worker
By Staff blogger - 27 January 14:09

“They say our work could be done by volunteers - but filing cabinets of complex cases tell me otherw

The Supported Housing Officer
By Staff blogger - 27 January 14:08

“Instead of cutting front-line staff, why not cut the bloated bureaucracy?"

The Policeman
By Staff blogger - 27 January 14:08

“Already, in big towns, there can be just half a dozen uniformed cops on duty at any one time"

What today’s politicians can learn from the Gang of Four
By David Owen - 27 January 14:08

The effects of the Limehouse Declaration, which led to the creation of the Social Democratic Party,

Why I stayed with Labour
By Roy Hattersley - 27 January 14:08

I fought to save the party after the foundation of the SDP-Liberal Alliance.

Cable’s attempt to claim Keynes is well argued — but unconvincing

David Blanchflower and Robert Skidelsky respond to Vince Cable’s economics essay in the <em>NS</em>.

Dr Findlay, alarms and the fake sheikh
By Peter Wilby - 27 January 13:08

The penny is at last beginning to drop about this government. Its policies have nothing to do with "empowering" ordinary citizens and everything to do with empowering the corporate sector.

Top Ten Creative Campaigns | Fathers 4 Justice | 2003
By Victoria Mitchell - 27 January 13:03

Fathers 4 Justice is famed for capturing media attention with well-organised, high-profile stunts.

Guillotine the Lords!
By Olly Grender - 27 January 12:46

Prescott and his mob in the House of Lords must not be allowed to hold the Commons to ransom.