“I didn’t go into politics to be a hero to the Mail"
By Maurice Glasman - 01 August 1:00

When Maurice Glasman called for a freeze on immigration, his
fellow Blue Labour supporters distanc

White supremacists, incestuous hacks and an irate Melanie Phillips
By Peter Wilby - 01 August 1:00

Peter Wilby on why Anders Behring Breivik’s actions must make us challenge our assumptions. Plus: co

Brooks: Sarah Payne hack claim "beyond comprehension"
By Dominic Ponsford - 29 July 16:23

Former News of the World editor states the hacked mobile phone was "not a personal gift".

The Tories’ facile metaphors mask a frightening lack of insight
By Rafael Behr - 29 July 12:00

Osborne and Cameron have no way to express the global challenges they face without sounding as if th

Purnell offers Labour a way forward on welfare
By George Eaton - 28 July 11:06

Purnell's vision of a narrower but deeper welfare state deserves attention from Miliband.

Leader: With growth so feeble, Osborne must face his failure
By Staff blogger - 28 July 9:17

It is unacceptable for the Chancellor to dismiss his critics as "deficit deniers".

My advice to Vince Cable: “It’s time to jump ship”
By David Blanchflower - 28 July 9:17

The near-stagnant UK economic growth figures prove that Chancellor George Osborne’s Thatcherite econ

Who ate all the pie?
By Gavin Kelly - 25 July 12:57

The impact of rising pay inequality will be felt throughout the UK economy.

Gay Britain
By Ivan Massow - 25 July 1:00

What is it like to be a gay man today? The answer may surprise you.

A corrupting cosiness
By Rafael Behr - 25 July 1:00

For a generation, the political elite has sought the patronage of Murdoch – and the hacking scandal

Got my eye on News Corpse
By Alan B'stard - 25 July 1:00

We live in heartless times. Once, we revered our elders as fonts of wisdom and continuity. Today we discard them like so many overflowing colostomy bags.

Greek bailout sets Europe on collision course with Tories
By Rafael Behr - 22 July 18:31

There's an aspect of the eurozone crisis that has yet to register with the British public.

Cameron in trouble? Oh, please. . .
By Graeme Archer - 21 July 13:33

Until someone can show me that the Prime Minister has broken a law, I'm happier not to join in all t

TV’s Bercow upsets understudy
By Kevin Maguire - 21 July 10:18

The matchbox-sized Speaker, John Bercow, has been lauded for his part in exposing the Murdoch empire's hacking scandal, including the granting of an emergency debate.

Leader: How our culture was degraded and our politics infantilised
By Staff blogger - 21 July 10:18

Sitting before a parliamentary committee, facing questions about phone-hacking, in his own words "humble", Rupert Murdoch did not look much like the sinister potentate of popular fable.

John Pilger: Amid the Murdoch scandal, there’s an acrid smell of business as usual
By John Pilger - 21 July 10:18

The Fleet Street hacks and men from Westminster are now scrabbling to rewrite the history of the phone-hacking fiasco. The pact between press and parliament remains the same.

Leader: Once red, feeling blue
By Staff blogger - 21 July 10:18

Is this the end for Blue Labour, the loose agglomeration of academics and politicians that has had the ear of Ed Miliband since he became Labour leader?

Mulcaire and confidentiality
By David Allen Green - 20 July 16:09

What impact will the withdraw of litigation funding have?

Hacks hacked: how the Sun reported Murdoch's "death"
By Jason Stamper - 19 July 13:17

Groups such as LulzSec have security teams on the run.

Who's who on the Select Committee
By Duncan Robinson and Tess Riley - 19 July 11:30

Ten MPs will get the opportunity to grill the Murdochs and Rebekah Brooks later today. But who are t

Boris Johnson and the Met
By Adam Bienkov - 18 July 12:48

Boris has never missed an opportunity to dismiss legitimate criticisms of the police and to defend t

Tommy Gun spurns the spinner
By Kevin Maguire - 18 July 1:00

Cheerleader for "Murdoch Labour" over nearly two decades, Alastair Campbell once advised Ed Miliband to deal directly with his friend Rebekah Brooks and bypass the Fortress Wapping underlings.

Fish fingers for Uncle Rupes
By Gideon Donald - 18 July 1:00

You need no qualifications to work in PR, merely an ability to pass the buck.

Nick Clegg changes his tune on the media
By Duncan Robinson - 15 July 13:11

In April, Clegg thought that the press barons and their newspapers were irrelevant - yesterday, howe

Help the aged? Yeees, sort of
By Alan B'stard - 15 July 12:51

In the golden age of British politics, it was considered the height of vulgarity to discuss affairs of state from the beginning of June to the end of November.

Cameron’s Murdoch missteps
By Rafael Behr - 14 July 12:49

There are only so many times that a prime minister can afford to be completely wrong.

Miliband has his chrysalis moment, says Mehdi Hasan
By Mehdi Hasan - 14 July 12:49

With the unfolding of the News Corp scandal, we are witnessing the making of a modern Labour leader.

Leader: Outrage alone cannot clean up British public life
By Staff blogger - 14 July 12:49

It is not encouraging that Cameron's instinctive response was to lurk in the shadows.

Tom Crone is gone
By David Allen Green - 13 July 18:30

An unexpected event in the News International crisis.