Andrew Mitchell caught with cabinet papers on show
By George Eaton - 30 August 15:26

International Development Secretary photographed holding confidential papers on Afghanistan.

Is the Scottish subsidy unfair?
By George Eaton - 30 August 11:30

The Daily Mail's analysis fails to take into account North Sea oil revenues. But the Barnett Formula

Scot fee
By George Eaton - 29 August 1:00

For the 200,000 people who missed out on a university place, reapplying next year could prove very costly indeed.

Leader: If EU students get free tuition in Scotland, English ones should
By Staff blogger - 25 August 9:06

It is absurd that EU students receive a free university education in Scotland, while UK students pay

Tommy goes to Hollywood
By Kevin Maguire - 25 August 9:06

Muchas gracias to the snout who forwarded me the wheelchair user Sean McGovern's unexpurgated account of his confrontation with Iain Duncan Smith, after finding the benefit cutter blocking a disabled toilet at

Cameron’s leadership — a holiday persistently interrupted by reality
By Rafael Behr - 25 August 9:06

The Prime Minister has long positioned himself above the fray, at the expense of a coherent message

When being the Prime Minister gets in the way of a good holiday
By Steven Baxter - 24 August 12:09

Clamouring for Cameron to come back from holiday when things get tough just feeds his Etonian ego.

The Politics Interview — Sir Hugh Orde
By Jon Bernstein - 24 August 1:00

The coppers’ favourite to become commissioner of the Metropolitan Police talks about the challenges

Stumped for words
By Gideon Donald - 24 August 1:00

"Shot," said the PM, taking a gulp of bitter and looking tremendously pleased with himself.

The coalition's confidence trick
By Jonathan Portes - 24 August 1:00

The government has put reducing the deficit ahead of growth and jobs. Ignore the scaremongering.

Boys in hoods
By Gavin Knight - 23 August 11:00

Violence plagues our inner cities, but we chose to ignore it until now.

Family breakdown and the riots: Marc Stears
By Staff blogger - 22 August 1:00

Blaming everything on inequality is a cop-out

Family breakdown and the riots: Kate Pickett and Richard Wilkinson
By Staff blogger - 22 August 1:00

Poverty is the real issue here, not fathers.

Looted at the Ledbury
By Alan B'stard - 22 August 1:00

Last week's edition of this self-important propaganda sheet was full of so-called experts pontificating about the riots. It was all theory and surmise, however, because they weren't there in the thick of it.

Family breakdown and the riots: Ruth Lister
By Staff blogger - 22 August 1:00

Two-parent households aren't always best.

Don’t mention the family
By Jason Cowley - 22 August 1:00

Right-wingers have blamed the riots on “moral collapse” and absent fathers. Here, we invite 11 leadi

These tax cut whispers are about to get louder
By Gavin Kelly and James Plunkett - 21 August 12:49

Bizarrely, abolishing the 50p rate remains top of the Chancellor's list.

Tony Blair: there's no moral decline in this country
By Jonathan Derbyshire - 21 August 10:55

Former PM challenges left and right to think again about the riots.

John Pilger: Damn them or fear them, the truth is that the London riots were an insurrection
By John Pilger - 18 August 10:42

Bankers loot the Treasury, MPs fiddle their expenses . . . and then the establishment turns on deprived young people in England’s inner cities and calls them criminals. The August disturbances weren't riots: they were the revolt of the working class.

Leader: After the riots, David Cameron has retreated into pessimism
By Staff blogger - 18 August 10:42

"Zero-tolerance" policing is neither possible nor desirable.

Labour's response to the riots has to be conservative and radical
By Jonathan Rutherford - 17 August 19:10

The party must defend the integrity of family life and those institutions that promote the common go

Time for a compulsory civic service scheme
By David Lammy - 17 August 17:18

The riots have shown that we cannot afford not to teach our young people lessons of civic duty.

Riots and randomness: the search for an explanation
By Sean Carey - 17 August 12:59

There is no consensus about how to classify what went on, but "randomness" is unlikely to be the ans

My zero tolerance for these politicised police chiefs
By Graeme Archer - 17 August 11:50

They have forgotten their most important directive: they police with our consent.

The feral political underclass is moving in
By Dan Hodges - 17 August 9:57

Self-appointed defenders of white society are taking advantage of Britain's anger and disillusionmen

Q&A: Shabana Mahmood MP
By Sophie Elmhirst - 16 August 18:10

“There are some very well-to-do people that did some stupid stuff in my city.”

Full transcript | Theresa May | Speech on police reform | Reform | 16 August 2011
By Theresa May - 16 August 14:03

"I want police officers to hear this message loud and clear: as long as you act within reason and th

Miliband denounces Starkey's "utterly outrageous" and "racist" comments
By Sophie FitzMaurice - 15 August 17:42

The Labour Leader, Ed Miliband, has called on all politicians to condemn the popular historian's con

Misreading the riot act, the ghosts of 1981 and Bullingdon boys at play
By Peter Wilby - 15 August 1:00

With the full effects of spending cuts still to be felt, many commentators deny they can be connected with the riots.

These riots are heartbreaking for London but we must learn lessons
By Ken Livingstone - 15 August 1:00

The first priority of any London mayor faced with the riots that started in Tottenham after the fatal shooting by police of Mark Duggan, and spread through many other parts of the capital, must be to restore calm and establish