Brown's tartan troubles
By Iain Macwhirter - 31 July 10:07

With the SNP in the ascendant north of the border, the government's only hope is to set up a fully a

Smith: Everything to play for
By Jacqui Smith - 30 July 18:57

In bullish form ahead of her holiday, the home secretary argues that New Labour has everything to pl

Alas poor Gordon...
By Alan Simpson - 30 July 16:05

The crisis engulfing Gordon Brown's leadership is of New Labour's own making and any promises to lis

'A uniquely horrendous situation'
By John Gummer - 29 July 15:46

Veteran Tory politician John Gummer argues the situation's even worse for Gordon Brown than it was i

A recipe for success?
By Dorothy Lepkowska - 28 July 13:00

There is an alternative to the regimentation of the national curriculum that promotes independent th

Talent-spotting without CVs
By Alison Shepherd - 28 July 13:00

Innovative recruiters are providing marginalised and disenfranchised youth with an entry pass to a p

Time for a radical shake-up
By Ken Robinson - 28 July 13:00

Piecemeal change is not enough. The real need is still for a sustained, systemic shift to entirely n

Left out of breadth
By Phil Revell - 28 July 13:00

A government manifesto promotes learning outside the classroom, but without funding the poorest chil

No more cheap labour
By Joe Clancy - 28 July 13:00

Young people get a raw deal from work placements: they need to be given a vision for the future away

Gay in the Armed Forces
By Craig Jones - 28 July 11:32

Gay men and women now serve with pride and distinction alongside their heterosexual colleagues at th

An electoral kicking
By Tom Harris - 25 July 19:12

The discontent felt by voters throughout the UK is as real in Glasgow as anywhere else, writes Tom H

10 worst by-elections
By Syed Hamad Ali - 25 July 18:37

In the wake of Labour's shock Glasgow East defeat to the SNP we look at some of the worst by-electio

The BBC's Labour prism?
By Paul Evans - 25 July 10:44

Glasgow East, Tory cycling and Moses Obama on tour

A rich seam of nationalism
By John Curtice - 25 July 10:00

Labour felt compelled to fight what at the last election was its 26th safest seat in Britain as thou

The Whispers
By Kevin Maguire - 24 July 10:18

Hattie Harperson gets the “neigh” vote in Glasgow East

The Tories' favourite boy
By Tara Hamilton-Miller - 24 July 10:18

The holiday mood at Conservative HQ is boosted by James Purnell's welfare plans

Labour's soppy love for America
By Andrew Stephen - 24 July 10:18

The British government enthuses over US institutions and policies just when it is becoming clear tha

Tactical Briefing
By Jesse Armstrong - 24 July 10:18

From: The Unit

To: GB

Subject: Cartoons

No, class counts more than ever
By Peter Wilby - 24 July 10:18

The English class system was always porous. That was what distinguished it from a caste system.

When Marx met Mill
By Martin Bright - 24 July 10:18

People just don't want to be told. Personal political responsibility, like virtue, is notoriously di

Cameron's free-market guru
By Peter Wilby - 24 July 10:18

Richard Thaler simply gives Friedman a makeover

Rape affects us all
By Vernon Coaker - 23 July 11:05

Men must challenge the myths and stereotypes that still surround the issues of sexual violence, to s

Karadzic and Srebrenica
By Martin Bright - 22 July 14:37

Teach British school children the lessons of the July 1995 massacre of Bosnian Muslims in a UN "safe

Labour's vivisection 'failure'
By Wendy Higgins - 21 July 16:41

Experiments on animals have reached the three million mark for the first time in 16 years, a shockin

Homosexual foxes
By Jonathan Calder - 21 July 13:16

Postponed reforms of Straw, and how the country has come over all knife knuts. Jonathan Calder repor

The battle for Glasgow East
By Tom Hosie - 21 July 12:44

The reality may be different but Labour are still seen as the party that stand up for the working cl

Dweeb or Obama?
By Paul Evans - 18 July 11:52

The blogosphere is set alight by David Cameron (well nearly), Blur v Evans and advising the Tories a

Tactical Briefing
By Jesse Armstrong - 17 July 10:22

From: The Unit

To: GB

Subject: Budge

Party of the poor
By Oliver Letwin - 17 July 10:22

Oliver Letwin, who chairs the Conservative's policy review and Tory research department, on why he b

Fannie and Freddie go broke
By Peter Wilby - 17 July 10:22

The truth about the duo threatening US capitalism