From left to right: Liz Kendall, Andy Burnham, Yvette Cooper and Jeremy Corbyn. Photo: Getty Images
Which CLPs are nominating who in the Labour leadership contest?
By New Statesman - 30 July 23:44

The race now moves onto supporting nominations from constituency Labour parties: who will emerge the strongest?

Jeremy Corbyn poses photographs. Photo: Getty Images
Calm down. Jeremy Corbyn hasn't won this - yet
By Keiran Pedley - 30 July 15:47

Rumours of Jeremy Corbyn's victory are greatly exaggerrated, says pollster Keiran Pedley.

Migrants climbing a Eurotunnel terminal fence in Calais. Photo: Getty
Why do we care more about Cecil the Lion than we do about the “swarm” of migrants at Calais?
By Frances Ryan - 30 July 15:28

This dehumanisation isn’t exclusive to the Daily Mail. Our prime minister believes he can publicly describe some of the most vulnerable of human beings as dirty, buzzing locusts, too.  

Demonstrators outside City Hall. Photo: Getty Images
London's housing problem has a simple solution - we need to build more. For that, we need Tessa Jowell
By Ken Clark - 30 July 15:05

We need the Olympic spirit applied to housing, says the former head of London Labour.

Tim Farron, pictured not outside a church. Photo: Daniel Berehulak/Getty Images
Commons Confidential: Entryism schism, Farron "does God" and gotcha Tories
By Kevin Maguire - 30 July 15:00

Don’t the Tories expel members who fund rival parties?

Naz Shah (centre). Photo: Wikimedia Commons
Naz Shah interview: “The victory is my mother’s, too”
By Samira Shackle - 30 July 13:31

Naz Shah’s defeat of George Galloway was the final step in a remarkable struggle for familial redemption.

Andy Burnham addresses a Labour party hustings. Photo: Getty Images
Labour must learn to be radical again
By Barry Gardiner MP - 30 July 13:15

Andy Burnham is right; Labour must learn to be bold again. 

Tristram Hunt, MP for Stoke-on-Trent Central. Photo: Getty
Letter from Stoke: How to transform a city in decline
By Tim Wigmore - 30 July 13:01

Tim Wigmore visits the resilient Midlands city fighting apathy and extremism.

Bob Webster's Klanky.
The Returning Officer: Illustration III
By Stephen Brasher - 30 July 12:58

Liberal candidate Bob Webster was a graphic artist and much of his work appeared in the comic Sparky.

The Labour leadership candidates at a hustings. Photo: Paul Ellis/AFP/Getty Images
Why are the Labour leadership contenders so weak?
By Stephen Bush - 30 July 8:19

In 2015 the Labour Party has been defeated in a second successive election, once more by a significant margin - and the contenders for leader don't offer much hope.

Corbynism is a retreat into the type of self-indulgent posturing that Clement Attlee, pictured, detested. Photo: Unknown photographer, 1957 in Michegan
Clement Attlee detested faddish radicalism – you couldn’t say that Jeremy Corbyn is his heir
By John Bew - 30 July 8:06

“The people’s flag is palest pink,” Attlee quipped. “It’s not red blood but only ink.” That slogan should be stamped on the back of the “What would Clem do?” T-shirts that have become fashionable among Jeremy Corbyn’s supporters.

Students throw their caps in the air. Photo: Getty Images
The real victims of increased tuition fees? The old
By Tim Wigmore - 30 July 8:00

Applications from 18-year-olds are on the rise, including from Britain's poorest families. But part-time and mature students are being deterred. 

Unison members picket Manchester town hall. Photo: Getty Images
Why has Labour's "swing voter" endorsed Jeremy Corbyn
By Stephen Bush - 29 July 16:40

Jeremy Corbyn has picked up the endorsement of Unison, Labour's second-largest union and seen as the "swing vote" in the Labour party. What's going on?

Jeremy Corbyn has gained the backing of Unison. Photo: Dan Kitwood/Getty Images
Unison endorse Jeremy Corbyn for Labour leader
By Stephanie Boland - 29 July 16:05

Jeremy Corbyn has earned the endorsement of the trade union Unison.

The Labour leadership candidates in a protracted and bizarre contest. Photo: Jeff J Mitchell/Getty Images
Leader: Labour MPs are at odds with their own party members
By New Statesman - 29 July 15:44

The flaws of the present Labour contest are critical, especially in the context of the challenges the party will face at the next election.

Jeremy Corbyn drawn by Ralph Steadman.
Jeremy Corbyn interview: "I think we have to think in terms of the disillusioned who didn’t vote"
By Jason Cowley - 29 July 15:07

Can Jeremy Corbyn really lead the Labour party? NS editor Jason Cowley meets the potential leader to talk campaigns, the media, and how he'd handle PMQs.

Jeremy Corbyn addresses the Durham Miners' Gala. Photo: Getty Images
25 campaign groups and activists back Jeremy Corbyn for Labour leader
By Stephen Bush - 29 July 13:22

The surprise frontruner for the Labour leadership has been given a boost with the support of 25 campaign groups.

Limmy aka Brian Limond. Photo:
Limmy: “I like just being a bit of an arsehole”
By Andrew Hankinson - 29 July 12:35

Andrew Hankinson talks to the Scottish comedian about his work, turning down Question Time and why he asks awkward questions on Twitter.

A Labour rosette: can the party survive without appealing to a broad church? Photo: Oli Scarff/AFP/Getty
A sectional Labour party would consign itself to permanent minority status
By Peter Harris - 29 July 11:35

The electoral system, combined with basic arithmetic, dictates that a party in search of power must eschew sectionalism and adopt a big-tent electoral strategy.

Jeremy Corbyn says: “Labour should be staying to fight together for a better Europe.” Photo: Getty
Jeremy Corbyn wants Britain to stay in the EU
By New Statesman - 29 July 10:47

The Labour leadership candidate has clarified his positions on our membership of the European Union.

Sweets Way estate in Barnet is scheduled for demolition later this year. The show home (and its newly planted garden) can be seen in the background. Photo: Author's own.
At the Sweets Way show home, activists are standing up to developers using hammers and paintbrushes
By Barbara Speed - 29 July 10:38

Campaigners are renovating a condemned home in a Barnet estate to show that regeneration doesn't have to mean demolition. 

Yvette Cooper addresses Labour party conference. Photo: Getty Images
Does a new poll show Yvette Cooper in second place?
By Stephen Bush - 28 July 20:04

A new leaked poll shows Yvette Cooper in second place against Jeremy Corbyn - but there are reasons to be sceptical.

The Labour bus, turning. Photo: Carl Court/Getty Images
Now isn't the time for partisanship - Labour must look like a government in waiting
By Andrew Harrop - 28 July 18:19

Labour will only secure a majority by persuading people who voted Conservative this year to return to Labour in 2020.

A filing cabinet in a GP's surgery. Photo: Getty Images
An open letter from a doctor to Jeremy Hunt
By Lucy Bradbeer - 28 July 15:31

Your plans are neither safe, nor sustainable, nor morally okay. 

A man holds a Welsh Labour sign. Photo: Getty Images
Social democracy in a cold climate: how can the Welsh government turn around its schools?
By Ross Davies - 28 July 14:47

The Welsh government will have to do more with less.

The recent ruling was a brutal blow for Northern Irish women. Photo: Getty
Why the class divide is growing in Northern Ireland’s abortion debate
By Siobhan Fenton - 28 July 12:48

A court ruling that English NHS funding should prioritise English patients means that only Northern Irish women with money will be able to make the trip to get round the restrictive abortion laws in their own country.

There is a huge deficit of toilet provision for women. Photo: Getty
The politics of sanitation: why we urgently need more public toilets
By Beatrix Campbell - 28 July 11:31

Elderly people, disabled people, people with carers, women and children all have their lives limited by the UK’s lack of public toilets. We need to talk about this unseen sanitation crisis.

Jeremy Hunt addresses a medical convention. Photo: Getty Images
We need to talk about Jeremy: why doctors are so angry with Jeremy Hunt
By Benedict Cooper - 28 July 9:35

Jeremy Hunt is at the centre with another row with the medical profession. What's going on?

Tim Farron addresses an audience. Photo: Getty Images
The Lib Dem leadership brought their party closer together. Labour's is tearing them apart
By Dan Falvey - 27 July 17:00

The Liberal Democrats' short contest has allowed that party to get back on the road to recovery. Labour's long one has them on the road to ruin, says Dan Falvey.

Members of Queer Strike showing their support for #pledgedecrim.
How #pledgedecrim takes sex worker rights to the mainstream
By Margaret Corvid - 27 July 16:38

Sex worker rights campaigners are hoping that the strategy that is working in the highest echelons of power will also work as well in the housing association meeting hall, or in the shouting grounds of Twitter.