A benefits poster in Lewisham high street. As new changes come in, it's essential the vulnerable are protected. Photo: Oli Scarff/Getty Images
As the Emergency Budget comes closer, the government must remember that benefits are a public service
By Rachael Badger - 03 July 17:23

The Government has consistently maintained its intention to protect vulnerable people - but will it deliver?

Ed Miliband and Nick Clegg head to the Cenotaph. Photo: Getty Images
The time has come for the progressive parties to put aside their differences
By John Wright - 03 July 16:56

The Conservatives took office with just 36 per cent of the vote. Only a radical rethink will stop this happening again, says John Wright. 

Rochdale's Failinge estate, where 4 out of 5 children live in poverty. Photo: Christopher Furlong/Getty Image
While the government officially abolishes child poverty, things are getting worse
By Alison Garnham - 03 July 14:23

At a stroke, the Government is about to abolish the concept, if not the reality, of child and working poverty. But a crisis is looming.

Andy Burnham poses for photographers after announcing his leadership bid. Photo: Getty Images
Andy Burnham isn't Continuity Miliband, he's Blair Mark II
By Jamie Reed - 03 July 14:14

Labour needs someone with the approachability of Tony Blair who can speak to working class values. Sounds like a job for Andy Burnham, says Jamie Reed. 

David Cameron addresses the press. Photo: Getty Images
Memo to David Cameron: I have all the incentives I need to stop being ill. It's called "being ill"
By Rosie Fletcher - 03 July 12:03

Disease isn’t like a gas meter. It has no notion of economics. It doesn’t switch off because you’ve stopped putting money in.

Will he be judged one of our greatest PMs? David Cameron outside No 10. Photo: Justin Tallis/AFP/Getty Images
David Cameron will be seen as one of our greatest Prime Ministers
By Kevin Meagher - 03 July 11:45

History will look back on David Cameron as an underestimated politician. Here's why.

David Cameron and Tony Blair attend the Queen's Speech. Photo: Getty IMages
David Cameron is pursuing the same anti-terror tactics as Tony Blair. It's time for a rethink
By Maria Norris - 03 July 9:00

Our leaders are repeating the same decade old narrative - and are left with the same problems, says Maria Norris.

Green piggy bank. Photo: Flickr/Ryan Hyde
Caroline Lucas: We need to invest in a positive, green and socially just future
By Caroline Lucas - 02 July 16:22

The Green MP lays out her proposal for green infrastructure quantitative easing.

Liam Fox: somebody give this man a new job. Photo: Oli Scarff - WPA Pool/Getty Images
Commons Confidential: The fantastic Liam Fox
By Kevin Maguire - 02 July 16:05

The North Somerset MP’s wife calls his phone “Teddy” – he takes it to bed with him.

Making plans for Nigel(s): Jesse Norman will chair the committee. Photo: BBC
There are more Nigels than women on Parliament's all-male, all-white culture select committee
By Media Mole - 02 July 15:54

Despite the fact that it's 2015, the new make-up of the House of Commons' culture, media and sport select committee is entirely white men.

Foreign policy will become a defining issue as Jeremy Corbyn declares his opposition to air strike against Isis.
What does potential military action in Syria mean for the Labour contest?
By George Eaton - 02 July 15:31

Foreign policy will become a defining issue as Jeremy Corbyn declares his opposition to air strikes against Isis. 

David Cameron leaves Downing Street. Photo: Getty Images
David Cameron has delivered the obituary for compassionate Conservatism
By Stephen Timms - 02 July 14:02

David Cameron, once the poster boy for a cuddlier Conservatism, has reverted to type, says Stephen Timms.

Ed Balls and Ed Miliband address Labour party conference. Photo: Getty Images
Where does Labour go from here?
By Karim Palant - 02 July 13:15

Karim Palant, Ed Balls' former head of policy, explains where Labour goes next.

Iain Duncan Smith addresses Tory party conference. Photo: Getty Images
Now we see the real difference between Labour and the Conservatives
By Owen Smith - 02 July 11:30

The last Labour government wanted to eradicate poverty; this Conservative one just wants to redefine it. 

Ed Miliband addresses Labour party conference. Photo: Getty Images
Inequality isn't just bad for people at the bottom of the heap, it's bad for everyone
By Debbie Abrahams - 02 July 11:08

Inequality hits the rich and the poor alike, says Debbie Abrahams.

Warwick Castle. Photo:  Peter Broster on Flickr, via Creative Commons
The Returning Officer: Warwick
By Stephen Brasher - 02 July 9:57

On his adoption for the 1929 election, the Leamington Spa Courier noted that Charles George Garton was “a revolutionary in the matter of dress . . . wearing in winter and summer alike an open-necked tennis shirt and no hat”.

A sculpture to commemorate the Kindertransport, built by a survivor. Photo: Getty Images
Nicholas Winton's other life: a Labour council candidate
By Stephen Bush - 02 July 9:00

Nicholas Winton, who saved over 600 children destined for concentration camps, died yesterday. In his other life, he was also a Labour activist and council candidate.

A vote for Kendall, I can tell myself, is still a vote for Corbyn. Photo: Getty
My Corbyn-Kendall conundrum, Gove’s grammar, Woodhead’s legacy and Ofsted’s expulsions
By Peter Wilby - 02 July 8:47

Peter Wilby on Jeremy Corbyn’s appeal, Michael Gove’s grammar and schools inspectors.

Jim McMahon, Labour's leader in local government.
Labour's leadership hopefuls have lessons to learn from the party's councillors
By Jim McMahon - 02 July 8:00

Devolution of powers, reform of the state, and above all, a clear idea of what Labour is for are required, says Jim McMahon.

The Chancellor can cite the country's fate as a permanent justification for cuts. But he shouldn't overreach.
As Osborne prepares further austerity, Greece has come to his aid again
By George Eaton - 01 July 22:12

The Chancellor can cite the country's fate as a permanent justification for cuts. But he shouldn't overreach. 

The No side's lead has narrowed since the bank closures on Monday.
Tsipras vows to go ahead with referendum and campaign for No - what next for Greece?
By George Eaton - 01 July 17:41

The No side's lead has narrowed since the bank closures on Monday. 

Anti-Heathrow signs go up in Harmondsworth. Photo: Getty Images
A third runway would be bad news for Londoners and London
By Sadiq Khan - 01 July 14:42

For environmental and economic reasons, a third runway at Heathrow is simply the wrong approach, says Sadiq Khan.

David Cameron outside Downing Street. Photo: Getty Images
The Prime Minister should rethink his disastrous plan to shrink the Commons
By Nigel Dodds - 01 July 14:10

David Cameron's silly solution to an imagined problem will only cause trouble - and many Conservative MPs agree, says Nigel Dodds.

The Rhine, Germany. Photo: Getty Images
From medieval Europe to modern day austerity, we need to rethink business ownership
By Ed Mayo - 01 July 13:51

From the Middle Ages to the modern day: co-operativism works. 

Labour's acting leader declared: "He's in a holding pattern above Heathrow and Boris won't let him land".
PMQs review: A win for Harman as Cameron prevaricates over Heathrow
By George Eaton - 01 July 13:22

Labour's acting leader declared: "He's in a holding pattern above Heathrow and Boris won't let him land".

Ed Miliband addresses Citizens UK. Photo: Getty Images
Things could still get worse for Labour
By Richard Carr - 01 July 12:49

Labour can either try and win an election, or host a pretty convivial set of party conferences and left-leaning summits over the next five years, says Richard Carr.

An anti-Conservative mural in Bristol. Photo: Getty Images
Staffing: the time bomb at the heart of the NHS
By Benedict Cooper - 01 July 11:57

Staff levels in the NHS are at a danger point, and the government is in denial, warns Benedict Cooper.

Caroline Flint addresses Progress conference. Photo:Getty Images
Liz Kendall and Caroline Flint are the team to fear, say Conservative councillors
By Stephen Bush - 01 July 11:25

A new survey of Conservative councillors lists Liz Kendall and Caroline Flint as the candidates they most fear - but a survey of their Labour counterparts show the two going down to heavy defeats.

Flags of Greece and the European Union fly outside the Acropolis. Photo: Getty Images
Greece bows to creditor demands - but Germany looks ahead to referendum
By New Statesman - 01 July 11:23

Alexis Tsipras has conceded to all but minor aspects of Greece's creditors, but Berlin says it won't negotiate until after the referendum.

Pro-euro protesters hold European Union flags during a demonstration in front of the parliament in Athens on June 30, 2015. Photo: Aris Messinis/AFP
Owen Jones: The elites are determined to end the revolt against austerity in Greece
By Owen Jones - 01 July 10:56

Europe's great powers won't be satisfied until they break Syriza, and stop an anti-austerity movement spreading across the continent.