Toronto Pride.
Israel row: The bid to defund Toronto LGBT Pride is straightforward censorship
By Peter Tatchell - 15 May 12:17

The bid to ban pro-Palestine group Queers Against Israeli Apartheid as well as the slogan “Israeli apartheid” is a direct attack on freedom of speech and the right to protest.

Food: It's Not For Girls
By Rhiannon and Holly - 15 May 11:33

Pot Noodle joined the list of brands which seem determined to drive away women. They should realise that ironic hipster sexism is still sexism.

The animal onesie: the fluffy scourge of Generation Y
By Eleanor Margolis - 14 May 10:21

Adults, myself included, are regressing to childhood - moving back in with their parents, job-hunting in between porn-viewing sessions and eating bowls of Frosties for dinner. Who could blame us?

Dove's new campaign.
Laurie Penny on beauty: I don’t want to be told I’m pretty as I am. I want to live in a world where that’s irrelevant
By Laurie Penny - 11 May 9:26

Beauty is about class, money, power and privilege - and it always has been.

Laurie Penny on sexual violence: This is not the "persecution of old men". This is the prosecution of rapists, and we should applaud it
By Laurie Penny - 10 May 10:52

It’s not just about Jimmy Savile, or Stuart Hall, or the BBC, or the Socialist Workers’ Party, or two American high-schoolers crying in court, or three young women chained in a basement in Ohio, or one dead girl in a hospital in Delhi. After too long, pe

CAPITAL LETTERS, affectedly boisterous sex, little girl voice: internet feminists all write the same. This is a problem
By Martha Gill - 09 May 13:20

The perils of Groupthink - Martha Gill's "Irrational Animals" column.

Leader: How to reform a society in which parentage dictates progress
By New Statesman - 08 May 16:02

A society in which birth determines destiny is not only absurdly unjust, it is economically damaging.

New Statesman
Eton eternal: How one school came to dominate public life
By Jason Cowley - 08 May 14:41

New Statesman editor Jason Cowley speaks to Anthony Little, headmaster of Eton College, about the role of public schools, the new crop of Etonians ruling public life and Gove's education reforms.

Making your employees wear a uniform is trying to blend them into sameness and insignificance
By Sarah Ditum - 08 May 14:41

Stay strong, women of Virgin: no one should have the power to dictate your underwear, says Sarah Ditum.

New Statesman
Laurie Penny on Iceland's elections: A shattered fairy tale
By Laurie Penny - 08 May 13:58

After the financial crash of 2008, Iceland refused to bail out its banks and overthrew its government. But five years on, has its flirtation with an alternative to austerity ended?

New Statesman
34 Photos of Richard Branson That Will Make You Go Hmm
By Alex Hern - 08 May 12:09

We aren't surprised Richard Branson introduced <a href=" see-through tops</a> for the female staff at Virgin Trains. We thought a little photo-essay might

What's the point of a "feminism" which attacks mothers?
By Glosswitch - 08 May 11:43

If feminism winds up assuming “someone else” will raise the kids while “we” get on with the real work, it's just become what it was fighting.

'Catafalque' by British Artist Sean Henry in the grounds of Glyndebourne.
Culture is what separates us from the rest of the living world
By A C Grayling - 08 May 10:03

A C Grayling: What makes us human?

Depression and austerity: “It’s as though my mind and body have both just closed down”
By Frances Ryan - 02 May 14:53

Suicide should never be exploited for political ends, but it would be wrong to ignore the effect of the cuts on people's mental health.

New Statesman
What makes us human?
By Phil Jones - 02 May 7:12

Introducing a new series on the most fundamental question of all, in partnership with BBC Radio 2’s Jeremy Vine show.

New Statesman
Every good Hovel has a secret room (ashtray included)
By Nicholas Lezard - 01 May 10:12

Nicholas Lezard's "Down and Out" column.

Wikipedia wars: are there really novelists and 'women novelists'?
By Sarah Ditum - 26 April 9:44

How many brilliant writers will be sorted away entirely, never making the cut as novelists because they're weighed down with the tag "woman"?

Model scouts outside anorexia clinics highlight fashion's own don't ask, don't tell policy
By Rhiannon and Holly - 24 April 13:16

Eating disorders are still not really regarded as diseases in the same way as cancer or malaria or measles - and in part, that's because of the work of the fashion industry to fetishise the ultra-skinny.

Like B*Witched and the SDP, I am far greater than the sum of my parts
By Susan Calman - 19 April 7:40

Playing Top Trumps inside your own head.

London Fashion Week runway.
The horrors of the fashion world are right before our eyes
By Glosswitch - 14 April 12:09

Who could possibly see beauty, creativity and inspiration when the human beings selling it are in such pain?

A homeless man in Liverpool.
A band of brothers
By Nathan Roberts - 13 April 17:12

Suicide is the second most common cause of death among men under 35. This must change.

New Statesman
Preview: Julian Barnes on Christopher Hitchens, David Cameron and Rupert Murdoch
By Helen Lewis - 11 April 15:51

The novelist gives a rare interview to Soumya Bhattacharya for the New Statesman Centenary Issue.

The Great Train Robbery: Why do we have such a peculiar romantic fondness for thieves?
By Duncan Campbell - 09 April 7:13

Duncan Campbell, who knew many of the old-style robbers, explores why we all still love a villain.

Prince Charles in Oman.
100 good reasons to be a republican
By The Old Statesman - 04 April 10:43

Put not your trust in Princes - Psalm 146.

Oxfam charity shop warehouse
An uncertain future for Britain's charity shops
By Sarah Howell - 04 April 10:42

The humble charity shop will be hit by further financial burdens thanks to the government's new business rates scheme.