Chart of the day: gay marriage
By George Eaton - 12 March 13:56

Where do the public stand on Cameron's plan to introduce same-sex marriage?

The silent crisis engulfing our pubs
By Rowenna Davis - 12 March 11:17

Pub workers are battling against a corrupt set of markets rigged against them.

New Statesman
Power of the “girl effect”
By Andrew Mitchell - 12 March 0:00

Two years ago, women from the Democratic Republic of Congo and Rwanda joined together on the bridge uniting their two countries to show that women can build bridges of peace and hope for the future.

Chart of the day: homelessness surges
By George Eaton - 08 March 15:52

Number of homeless families increases to 48,510, the biggest rise for nine years.

The meaning of the F-word: Protecting welfare
By Selma James - 08 March 14:28

Selma James, co-ordinator, Global Women’s Strike

The meaning of the F-word: Education
By Rob Delaney - 08 March 14:26

Rob Delaney, comedian

The meaning of the F-word: Taking over Today
By Jane Martinson - 08 March 14:23

Jane Martinson, women’s editor, <em>Guardian</em>

The meaning of the F-word: Improving funding for care
By Liz Kendall - 08 March 14:21

Liz Kendall, shadow minister for care

The meaning of the F-word: Addressing loathing
By Bidisha - 08 March 14:19

Bidisha, author of <em>Beyond the Wall: Writing a Path Through Palestine</em>

The meaning of the F-word: Supporting Africa
By Tina Wallace - 08 March 14:16

Tina Wallace, International Gender Studies Centre, Lady Margaret Hall, Oxford University

The meaning of the F-word: Honesty about airbrushing
By Liz Jones - 08 March 14:06

Liz Jones, columnist, <em>Daily Mail</em>

The meaning of the F-word: Trafficking
By Louise Mensch - 08 March 14:03

Louise Mensch, MP for Corby (Conservative)

The meaning of the F-word: The cuts
By Frances O'Grady - 08 March 14:02

Frances O’Grady, TUC deputy secretary

The meaning of the F-word: Women’s magazines
By Rhiannon and Holly - 08 March 14:00

Rhiannon and Holly, <em>Vagenda</em> magazine

The meaning of the F-word: Uphold the bill of rights
By Naomi Wolf - 08 March 13:53

Naomi Wolf, author and political consultant

The meaning of the F-word: Personal safety
By Stella Creasy - 08 March 13:42

Stella Creasy, MP for Walthamstow (Labour/Co-operative)

The meaning of the F-word: Being taken seriously
By Roz Kaveney - 08 March 13:37

Roz Kaveney, poet and activist

The meaning of the F-word: Page three and upskirt shots
By Rosamund Urwin - 08 March 13:32

Rosamund Urwin, columnist, <em>London Evening Standard</em>

The meaning of the F-word: Making better choices
By Julie Bindel - 08 March 13:30

Julie Bindel, activist and writer

The meaning of the F-word: Demanding quality childcare
By Jenni Murray - 08 March 13:26

Jenni Murray, presenter, BBC <em>Woman’s Hour</em>

Feminism is not about women, it is about power imbalances
By Stella Creasy - 08 March 10:34

To change Britain for the better, we must dispute the right's depiction that feminism is about "issues".

Leader: What about the men?
By NS staff writer - 08 March 9:26

Has feminism left men behind? The Blue Labour thinker Jonathan Rutherford is concerned that the loss of old certainties has left many men - particularly among the young working class - feeling alienated.

For whom the bell dings
By Will Self - 05 March 0:00

My old friend the writer and academic David Flusfeder and I arrived early at the Ebury Hotel in Canterbury for a dinner after a literary event at the University of Kent.

Michael Rosen
Out of the toy cupboard
By Michael Rosen - 05 March 0:00

Children’s authors are rarely asked for their opinion on how to get children reading. Why not?

Justifying infanticide
By Nelson Jones - 01 March 12:43

Both logically and emotionally, the line between abortion and infanticide is less clear-cut than it

Police corruption, the duck house of Hackgate and King Lear for girls
By Helen Lewis - 01 March 8:08

Rebekah Brooks's horse is the £1,645 duck house of Hackgate.

Michael Chanan's video blog: After the Eviction
By Michael Chanan - 29 February 18:18

FILM: Occupy activists talk about their protest at St Paul's.