Boris Johnson at the Gay Pride march in London in 2008
Why Boris Johnson should step in to save London’s WorldPride parade
By Nichi Hodgson - 03 July 8:52

The Mayor could make an important gesture to the LGBT community in London by helping with last-minute funding problems.

Happy jubilee, Keith!
By Kevin Maguire - 27 June 17:57

Commons confidential

Back in the marital home, I sleep in lonely vigil on the sofa
By Nicholas Lezard - 27 June 17:52

Coming up to the fifth anniversary of the eviction from the family home and I am beginning to wonder whether it is even a good idea to remember the anniversary, let alone mark it.

First the worst, second the best
By Martha Gill - 27 June 17:32

The role of luck in success

Damage on Clapham High Street following the riots in summer 2011. The riots were
Laurie Penny on how Cameron is risking the wrath of the young
By Laurie Penny - 27 June 17:05

The prime minister's crackdown on entitlement culture is misplaced and dangerous.

Rain clouds about rooftops in Bath
Cameron's housing benefit proposals are part of an ongoing redefinition of adulthood
By Nelson Jones - 25 June 12:55

PM continuing is a trend of assuming people in their twenties are still basically teenagers.

A block of flats in Bath
Housing benefit can be the route to social mobility
By Nichi Hodgson - 25 June 12:00

Without housing benefit mine and my family's life chances would have been obliterated.

A 'Henry' vacuum cleaner
Feminism didn't lie to women about "having it all"
By Rhiannon and Holly - 25 June 10:26

As Germaine Greer said: "I wanted to liberate women from the vacuum cleaner, not put them on the board of Hoover".

Alan Duncan addressing Conservative Party Conference
Alan Duncan's "grammar fascism" is good news for us all
By Caroline Crampton - 23 June 10:27

Minister of state is "leveraging" ban on "going forward".

Even the Pimm’s comes in at £6 a pop
Are you going to Marylebone Fayre?
By Nicholas Lezard - 20 June 17:51

The swanky parts of London are just getting swankier.

Online trolls, Julian Assange on the run and Jimmy Carr’s tax dodge
By Helen Lewis - 20 June 17:48

“You’re a Bolshevik feminist Jewess.” That was one of the more printable insults aimed at a blogger named Anita Sarkeesian, who wanted to make a series of videos about the portrayal of women in computer games. And it wasn’t just offensive comments.

Reasons to be careful
By Michael Brooks - 20 June 17:13

Asteroids strikes, radiation and Rio+20.

Hackney weed
By Alice Gribbin - 20 June 14:36

Rachel Whiteread's golden foliage at the Whitechapel Gallery.

The new silent spring
By Conor Mark Jameson - 20 June 10:22

What is causing the strange disappearance of our songbirds?

Leader: Gay marriage and the clash of fundamental values
By New Statesman - 13 June 16:59

The value of marriage would be increased, not diminished, through its extension to same-sex couples.

The victim of a drone strike in Gaza
Drone attacks go against every human rights principle in the book
By Geoffrey Robertson - 13 June 14:52

There is a sense that international law has failed.

The NS Profile: Rangers FC
By Kevin McKenna - 13 June 14:07

Glasgow Rangers FC represented everything that made working-class Protestant Scotland proud to be British. How was the football club reduced to this state?

The 2011 census.
Is there any such thing as British ethnicity?
By Samira Shackle - 13 June 10:31

Ethncity is officially "self-defined". Whether Cornish, Welsh, or Arab, you make a statement when you tick a box.

Plastic Brit? Mo Farah after winning a race in Oregon earlier this month.
"Plastic Brits": are some Olympians more worthy of a cheer than others?
By Steve Baxter - 12 June 11:27

Screaming about "plastic Brits" may be a rare example of the <em>Mail</em> getting its own readers wrong.

Refugees living in Britain celebrate the Queen's Diamond Jubilee.
What does Britishness look like from the outside?
By Rebecca Omonira-Oyekanmi - 11 June 11:32

For those at the mercy of war, poverty, and global inequality, to be born in Britain is to be born powerful.

With Winsor's appointment, the Tories have declared war on the police
By Alan White - 08 June 14:58

This is a highly provocative move.

Woman laughing
Where we see vulnerability, Frankie Boyle sees a target
By Nicky Clark - 08 June 12:55

Frankie Boyle passes off his jokes about rape and "retards" as satire, but it is just vile with a smile, says Nicky Clark.

New Statesman
The Beeb under fire, drone strikes and small hope for republicans
By Peter Wilby - 06 June 14:41

“Why WERE they left to shiver in rain for 4 hours?” demanded a Daily Mail headline.

A partridge lies dead in the snow
The beauty of roadkill
By John Burnside - 06 June 12:58

John Burnside's nature column.

Scotland's First Minister Alex Salmond.
Editor's Note: England, Scotland, Britain?
By Jason Cowley - 06 June 12:40

An independent Scotland would be viable but why break up Britain?

Ken Clarke on Jeremy Hunt and Baroness Warsi
Of lynch-mobs and witch-hunts
By David Allen Green - 06 June 11:50

How powerful people see opposition.

Police independence is under threat
Police independence is under threat
By Ian Blair - 06 June 11:43

Commissioners will be elected on tribal lines, warns former Met chief Ian Blair.

Katie Price.
Katie Price to found free school for special needs children
By Samira Shackle - 05 June 10:12

The former glamour model will work with other local parents to open a school for the visually impaired.

New Statesman
Bring me the brain of Heinrich von Kleist
By Will Self - 30 May 16:30

I emailed my friend Zee who is half German, half Pakistani, but was raised in Britain and now lives in Cologne. “I’ll be on your hof next week,” I wrote.

The royals: bigger than Mao
By Sophie Elmhirst - 30 May 14:14

Prince Philip nears the height of the Oxo Tower; Andrew’s teeth are the size of windows.