America - Andrew Stephen watches the paper line up to vote
By Andrew Stephen - 07 February 12:00

If academia were truly free-thinking, it would accept that the possibility of innate differences bet

Darcus Howe escapes to "Little England"
By Darcus Howe - 31 January 12:00

The Barbados PM is quite clear: he just couldn't swear allegiance to King Harry

What next? Don't ask Washington
By Andrew Stephen - 31 January 12:00

Iraq elections - The principles of the Bush administration are elastic. The future of Iran and Iraq

On the world's most dangerous roads
By Tom Roberts - 31 January 12:00

Iraq elections - Tom Roberts, embedded with US troops for a month, finds their professionalism impre

Empire building
By Annabel Wharton - 31 January 12:00

Architecture - America's new fortress embassies are symbols of its power

The Salvador option
By Sue Branford - 31 January 12:00

Iraq elections -

The business - Patrick Hosking junks General Motors
By Patrick Hosking - 31 January 12:00

General Motors is less a car-maker these days than a bank, but a bank with debts in excess of $300bn

Politics - John Kampfner observes Operation Bush Dance
By John Kampfner - 31 January 12:00

As the government gently distances us from Washington, Jack Straw's low-key diplomacy in Iran has be

World view - Lindsey Hilsum glimpses the Next World Order
By Lindsey Hilsum - 24 January 12:00

The 21st century, say US analysts, will not be American. It will belong to China and India, and it m

Found in translation
By Raymond Knapp - 24 January 12:00

Musical theatre - Jerry Springer: the opera has caused both delight and disgust in Britain. So how w

How the west followed Bin Laden's script
By Staff blogger - 24 January 12:00

The world, it was said, had changed for ever after 11 September 2001. Since 1945, international conflicts had had only a limited effect on western homelands, particularly the American homeland.

NS Essay -'Words matter in politics: the term "poll tax" was a winner for the left,"nanny state" is a winner for the right'
By Richard Reeves - 24 January 12:00

What's in a word? In politics, everything, argues Richard Reeves. Get the language right and you can

Why Abbas is already frozen out
By Daphna Baram - 24 January 12:00

The new Palestinian leader doesn't matter to Israel. The real negotiation is with America

America - Andrew Stephen fears for FDR's welfare legacy
By Andrew Stephen - 24 January 12:00

Just as Bush and his team marshalled facts and factoids of doubtful provenance to justify invading I

A winning way with the ladies
By Sarah Baxter - 17 January 12:00

Inauguration - He's no pin-up and he is hardly the perfect family man, but George W has a certain so

A Modest Defence of The President and His Policies of Creative Destruction
By John Gray - 17 January 12:00

Inauguration - John Gray justifies Fallujah and Guantanamo and looks forward to further developments

The president takes our lie-detector test
By William Brett - 17 January 12:00

Inauguration - Research

Coronation, Texas-style
By Andrew Stephen - 17 January 12:00

With US soldiers dying in Iraq, he could have kept it low-key. Instead, he wants $40m worth of balls

It's a nightmare, but will it come true?
By Anatol Lieven - 17 January 12:00

Inauguration - Four more years of unfettered Bush may sound like a disaster for America and the worl

Land of the free, home of the stingy
By Andrew Stephen - 10 January 12:00

Tsunami 2: Americans, who think they are uniquely generous, give just five cents a day each to chari

NS Essay - Scaring people may be the only way to avoid the risks of new-style terrorism
By Anthony Giddens - 10 January 12:00

Claims that our leaders are playing the "politics of fear" are misconceived. Society could easily we

America - Andrew Stephen reveals Washington's latest war
By Andrew Stephen - 01 January 12:00

The Bush administration, like that of Richard Nixon, sees enemies everywhere. And it goes after them

The right turns on to technology
By James Crabtree - 01 January 12:00

2005: New media - The British left holds up Howard Dean's US campaign as a model. How wrong

Half a superpower
By John Gittings - 01 January 12:00

2005: China - China still punches below its weight on the international stage, but it is the only c

Rise and fall of a doughnut
By Karen Bartlett - 13 December 12:00

NS Christmas - The diet police don't like it, but it's still in favour with young Democrats

A war president stands at the ready
By Andrew Stephen - 13 December 12:00

In his end-of-year diary, our US editor Andrew Stephen notes a growing Bush personality cult, the pl

Darcus Howe on a Trinidadian insurgent
By Darcus Howe - 13 December 12:00

I knew him as a child: now he is committed to armed revolutionary struggle

Say thanks to America
By Sophie Johnson - 13 December 12:00

NS Christmas - Immigrants to the US accept that, if you make it big, you have to give back

America - Andrew Stephen finds US networks in decline
By Andrew Stephen - 06 December 12:00

A decade ago, a national news anchorman was a demigod. Today, Americans get their news from more dif