10 things you didn't know about Rick Santorum...
By Mehdi Hasan - 04 January 13:47

...but might like to know in the wake of his Iowa surge.

Romney wins by a whisker in Iowa
By George Eaton - 04 January 8:19

Republican frontrunner beats Rick Santorum by just eight votes in first primary.

How to read the Iowa caucus results
By Samira Shackle - 03 January 18:17

All eyes are on Iowa, where voters are still undecided. Here is what to look out for in the results.

Lookahead: Republican primaries 2012
By Samira Shackle - 27 December 14:51

The when, where and who of the Republican primary elections.

Baby sticks fingers in Obama's mouth
By Staff blogger - 27 December 13:00

Video of the president visiting a marine base in Hawaii goes viral.

Hazing hell in Afghanistan
By Yo Zushi - 23 December 19:51

Initiation rituals in the army may have led to the deaths of two Chinese Americans this year. Is cru

Guantánamo comes home
Guantánamo comes home
By Yo Zushi - 17 December 16:09

Instead of closing Guantánamo, Obama has brought its shameful disregard for human rights on to the h

Will the three Gs matter in Iowa?
By Roberto Barros - 17 December 10:37

In the first and most important caucus state, the GOP candidates are putting "gays, guns and God" is

How Fox News hid the fall in unemployment
By George Eaton - 13 December 11:51

News channel's graph ignores fall in unemployment from 9 per cent to 8.6 per cent.

Laurie Penny, on the streets with Bloomberg's "private army"
By Laurie Penny - 13 December 11:10

"Whose tweets? Our tweets!" Sometimes, only puns will do.

Did Romney throw his presidential bid away for $10,000?
By Roberto Barros - 13 December 10:14

The Republican frontrunner tried to make a bet with a rival candidate during a televised debate, she

Laurie Penny: the Gingrich trick wears thin
By Laurie Penny - 12 December 0:00

Laurie Penny meets the Staten Island Tea Party.

Newt encounters a different kind of Tea Party, writes Laurie Penny
By Laurie Penny - 05 December 11:19

"To my astonishment, the audience applauds. Gingrich is in a spot."

Gingrich hit by "Serial Hypocrisy" video
By Roberto Barros - 02 December 15:20

Youtube campaign ad released by GOP hopeful Ron Paul calls out his rival on inconsistencies.

Is this a transgression too far for Herman Cain?
By Mark Jenner - 30 November 14:14

The former businessman is "reassessing" his campaign amid the allegation of a 13 year affair.

The man from Massachusetts has momentum
By Ben Smith - 28 November 0:00

There are two readings of Mitt Romney’s position — he can’t win, and he can’t lose. But might he be

Occupy Black Friday, says Laurie Penny
By Laurie Penny - 25 November 18:39

The yearly sales are a short-term sugar rush, in a world where true security is impossible.

The US anti-choice lobby makes Nadine Dorries look like Vera Drake, says Laurie Penny
By Laurie Penny - 20 November 11:52

To gain political capital, elected representatives are exploiting the national hysteria over abortion.

Laurie Penny on why the NYPD are kidnapping books
By Laurie Penny - 17 November 13:41

The dismantling of Occupy Wall Street's library is a metaphor for how our culture is policed.

Herman Cain struggles to recall details of Libya conflict
By Samira Shackle - 15 November 11:45

"Got all this stuff twirling around in my head," says Republican presidential hopeful.

Rick Perry's fate sealed by an "Oops"
By Felicity Spector - 10 November 16:02

To think that all those millions of dollars raised should come to this: a man who looks too stupid t

Is Rick Perry drunk in this video?
By Samira Shackle - 03 November 11:31

"Highlights" of the Republican candidate's bizarre speech has notched up over 1m views on YouTube.

Herman Cain denies sexual harrassment allegations
By Samira Shackle - 31 October 17:40

Republican candidate fails to answer the crucial question of whether his accusers were paid off.

Dream republic
By Olivia Laing - 31 October 0:00

Everyone in Brooklyn seems to be writing something.

Can Perry afford to pull out of televised debates?
By Samira Shackle - 28 October 12:49

After a series of poor performances, the Texas governor will pull out of some debates. It is a high

Strong US growth raises the bar for Osborne
By George Eaton - 27 October 19:12

Osborne may soon no longer be able to boast that the UK is doing better than the US.

The Week So Far
By Staff blogger - 27 October 8:31

1. North America

Joe the Plumber to run for Congress
By Samira Shackle - 26 October 12:15

The everyman who became the hero of rightwing America hopes to enter House of Representatives.

Gulf states
By George Eaton - 24 October 1:00

Income inequality in the United States is at the highest level since 1928.

How inequality has soared in the US
By George Eaton - 22 October 12:43

The top 1 per cent now take home 23.5 per cent of all income.