Syria: lessons from history for the west
By John Slinger - 01 March 13:32

Much more can be done short of an Iraq-style invasion.

Finding truth in the sandstorm
By Helen Lewis - 27 February 0:00

Covering a war "means going to places torn by chaos, destruction and death . . . and trying to bear witness. It means trying to find the truth in

Why have we ignored the plight of Palestine’s Bobby Sands?
By Mehdi Hasan - 23 February 16:27

We honour the memory of many men who took up armed struggle and died on hunger strike for their beli

Sunday Times journalist Marie Colvin killed in Syria
By George Eaton - 22 February 11:05

Acclaimed war reporter killed after her house was shelled in Homs.

The road to hell
By Hans Blix - 22 February 10:07

As the drums beat for war with Iran, the UN’s former weapons inspector warns that military intervent

Why the west should rule out military action against Iran
By John Baron MP - 20 February 17:58

The threat of military force heightens tensions and makes a peaceful outcome less likely.

Kurdish Opposition of Syria speaks up
By Taghee Moas - 20 February 17:14

At the Palace of Westminster, leading Kurd figures call for a "united front" against the Assad regim

A trillion-dollar catalyst for change in the Arab World
By Tara Shirvani and David King - 18 February 12:17

The Middle East's oil wealth has the potential to become the key driver for change and innovation in

The Libyan revolution, one year on
By Sophie McBain - 17 February 17:28

A former resident of Tripoli charts the country's new journalism, justice system and civil society.

An open letter to Slavoj Žižek
By Ece Temelkuran - 17 February 16:32

Turkey's record on human rights means it is no model for the Arab world.

Let’s learn from Blair’s crimes, so we don’t repeat them in Syria
John Pilger: Let’s learn from Blair’s crimes, so we don’t repeat them in Syria
By John Pilger - 16 February 8:00

The warmongering and human rights abuses of the New Labour years seem forgotten by all but the likes of Gareth Peirce. Yet Blair’s legacy lingers on in Afghanistan and Iraq and is re-emerging in Syria and Iran.

Was Egypt's football violence political?
By Samira Shackle - 02 February 12:07

The death of 74 football fans in Egypt is a worrying sign of the country's deteriorating security si

The Arab Spring: one year on
By Anonymous - 25 January 12:06

Still in its formative stages, this process of transition will take a long time and embrace all aspe

The cold choice — jobs or jihad
By Olivier Roy - 25 January 11:11

The Arab spring uprisings were not prompted by religion as in Iran 1979, writes Olivier Roy — but some think the Arab winter may bring a counter-revolutionary Muslim Reformation. What does the rise of Islamist parties hold for Egyptians and prospects for

Egypt's conservative revolution
By Nelson Jones - 23 January 15:40

As parliament sits for its inaugural session, how religious is the new Egyptian democracy?

New Statesman
The NS Interview: Wael Ghonim, Egyptian democracy activist
By Mehdi Hasan - 23 January 0:00

“The fate of nations should be decided by their own people”

Why we need a new understanding of "Islamism"
By Samira Shackle - 13 January 13:18

As Islamic political parties take power in the Middle East, outdated and static perceptions are unhe

Enlightenment through play
By Sadiq Khan - 09 January 0:00

Last month I joined a delegation of MPs and peers to Israel and the occupied Palestinian territories of the West Bank.

State within a state
By David Patrikarakos - 09 January 0:00

In Lebanon, after a year of turmoil that was the worst in a decade, it is Hezbollah — with the backi

Is Lebanon immune to the Arab spring?
By Lana Asfour - 06 January 11:38

Several crises during the past decade haven’t led to outright conflict in Syria’s neighbour.

IDF chief of staff hails 2008 Gaza strike as an "excellent operation"
By Ben White - 29 December 15:52

On the third anniversary of Operation Cast Lead, army officials indicate they are ready to strike ag

Hazing hell in Afghanistan
By Yo Zushi - 23 December 19:51

Initiation rituals in the army may have led to the deaths of two Chinese Americans this year. Is cru

Women of the Middle East
By Sella Oneko - 22 December 16:34

What comes after the revolution?

"There are so many rocks, it looks like rain"
By Bel Trew - 19 December 13:50

Report and video footage of the Egyptian army's violence against protesters in Cairo.

Voice of the Arab spring
By Mehdi Hasan - 07 December 11:34

Al Jazeera is an enigma – although owned by an absolute monarch, it’s hailed as an independent voice

Tackling the Islamists
By Bob Lambert and Maajid Nawaz - 05 December 16:10

Several British groups stand accused of acting as fronts for the Muslim Brotherhood. Should the stat

Paul Flynn must explain his comments about Jewish loyalty
By Owen Jones - 01 December 17:47

His ill-chosen words have nothing to do with the just cause of Palestinian liberation.

John Pilger on Iran: Once again, war is prime time and journalism’s role is taboo
By John Pilger - 01 December 8:15

With Libya recently dealt with ("It worked," said the Guardian), Iran is next, it seems.

The NS Interview: Jonathan Sacks, Chief Rabbi
By Jon Bernstein - 30 November 12:03

"Blogs are the best disseminators of paranoia yet created"

The irresistible rise of the Muslim Brothers
By Fawas Gerges - 28 November 11:17

For years, the west has feared the Muslim Brotherhood succeeding to the highest levels of Egyptian p