The Lawless West Bank: The Next Powder Keg?
By Kieron Monks - 02 November 15:35

The breakdown of the rule of law in the occupied West Bank threatens to unleash a new wave of violen

Preview: NS interview with Mike Leigh
By Daniel Trilling - 21 October 14:17

The director explains his refusal to visit Israel and says he received "exhortations not to go" from

Saudi embarrassment
By Sholto Byrnes - 06 October 13:36

The killing or the homosexuality – which seems worse to the folks back home?

Weekly Briefing
By Staff blogger - 24 September 12:35

West Bank: freeze

UN panel denounces flotilla raid
By New Statesman - 23 September 10:41

Legal experts condemn "totally unnecessary and incredible violence", Israel says report is "politici

After the journey — a UN man’s open letter to Tony Blair
By Hans von Sponeck - 23 September 9:58

Hans von Sponeck, UN humanitarian co-ordinator from 1998-2000, demands answers from the former prime

50 People Who Matter 2010 | 18. Khaled Meshal
By New Statesman - 21 September 11:51

King of the Strip.

Janus of the Bosporus
By Patrick Osgood - 13 September 19:57

In a wider push for power, the Turkish Prime Minister has shoehorned a political power-grab into oth

The silent treatment
By William Parry - 03 September 12:16

Robert Del Naja of Massive Attack tells William Parry why he is boycotting Israel.

John Pilger: Washington is flying the flag and faking the news on Iraq
By John Pilger - 02 September 0:53

Loud noises from Washington about a US pull-out from Iraq are a poor disguise for America’s determination to control.

For Arabs in Israel, a house is not a home
By Edward Platt - 30 August 9:54

Three representatives of Hamas have been forced to seek sanctuary at the Red Cross compound in East

The NS Interview: Imran Khan
By Mehdi Hasan - 20 August 11:49

“David Cameron should not have owned Tony Blair’s war”

Palestinian gunman breaks into Turkish embassy
By Staff blogger - 17 August 18:34

Gunman breaks into Turkish embassy in Tel Aviv, takes two hostages and threatens to “kill Jews”, say

Top Iraqi General thinks US planned pull-out is too soon
By New Statesman - 12 August 10:21

Lt Gen Babaker Zebari warned that the Iraqi military may not be ready to take control for up to a de

The NS Interview: Haneen Zoabi
By Samira Shackle - 06 August 9:07

“I was not elected to keep silent or to sit at the table and clap” - Haneen Zoabi, Palestinian membe

Throughout Israel, Palestinians are being suffocated
By Ben White - 05 August 13:57

Despite growing understanding of the struggles of Palestinian communities, we still need to move bey

Cameron is right to talk up Turkey's EU membership
By James Macintyre - 26 July 18:15

The Tory right, and some in Labour, are getting Turkey’s human rights record the wrong way around.

New Statesman
Being Christopher Hitchens
By George Eaton - 12 July 8:53

The author and controversialist Christopher Hitchens has cancelled all appointments and begun chemotherapy after being diagnosed with cancer of the oesophagus. Shortly before this news, he talked to George Eaton about his life and his work.

Children of Abraham v sons of Ibrahim
By Sigrid Rausing - 12 July 8:36

On a visit to human rights groups in Israel and the West Bank, Sigrid Rausing senses a growing tensi

Why the Taliban are winning in Afghanistan
By William Dalrymple - 22 June 21:19

As Washington and London struggle to prop up a puppet government over which Hamid Karzai has no cont

Bad Idea: Arrogant arguments
By Samira Shackle - 07 June 9:30

There is any number of things wrong with Building a Political Firewall Against Israel's Delegitimisation, a new report from the Israeli think tank

The flotilla attacks expose Israel’s aggression
By Bibi van der Zee - 04 June 9:01

Who ordered commandos to use live ammunition on a ship of activists heading for Gaza? The answer needs to be given immediately, because what happened in the waters off Palestine early on Monday cannot be tolerated.

Leader: Lift this cruel blockade of the wretched of Gaza
By Staff blogger - 03 June 8:07

The botched commando raid on the Gaza flotilla is the latest in a line of disastrous diplomatic own

North Korea shows the CIA is willing to lie about another war
By John Pilger - 03 June 8:07

The CIA set a precedent with the Tonkin “incident”, sparking off the Vietnam war. Today, we see the lie repeated.

Reap what you sew
By Lana Asfour - 31 May 10:17

Palestinian campaigners in Lebanon have discovered a new way to protest – by breaking world records.

The decline of Israel’s left
By Catrina Stewart - 17 April 16:38

Nearly 30 years ago, 400,000 Israelis marched in protest over the injustices of the 1982 war in Leba

ElBaradei uses Facebook to promote reform
By Jennifer Thompson - 30 March 19:33

Former nuclear chief urges Egyptians to join new group for political reform.

Weekly Briefing
By Staff blogger - 25 March 7:06

Israel: fake passports

Demonstrators in Beirut in 2010
Extremely brave, extremely Rachel
By Bibi van der Zee - 21 March 9:21

Once in a while, you end up with someone as special as Rachel Corrie.