Secret doctors' courts move a "disaster" for patients
By Andrew Pugh - 20 April 16:47

The Society of Editors and the Newspaper Society have attacked the GMC plans.

Health check
By George Eaton - 20 April 13:50

George Osborne's decision to ring-fence the £105.9bn National Health Service budget has attracted criticism from figures as diverse as the Tory ex-chancellor Nigel Lawson and the former Labour health secretary Andy Burnham.

A sad truth about “happy pills”
By Laurie Penny - 18 April 14:53

Governments have long been reluctant to draw attention to the links between mental health and socio-economic factors.

Ten-year gay blood ban is unjustified
By Peter Tatchell - 12 April 18:00

A change of policy to include the HIV virus test alongside the antibody test would be safer, smarter

The shame is all theirs
By Laurie Penny - 03 April 10:51

Nadine Dorries and Frank Field's proposal for pre-abortion counselling is scientifically unsound and morally untenable.

A taxing question for the NHS
By Chris Smith - 17 March 15:41

There is serious trouble ahead if the Conservatives enact their planned reforms of Britain’s health

The NHS is Britain’s beating heart – don’t let it flatline
By Phil Whitaker - 03 March 8:33

After 30 years of meddling with the NHS, are we now at risk of destroying our most precious public s

The BMA should oppose the health reforms
By Victoria Mitchell - 01 March 13:06

It is time for a change in stance and a united medical profession.

The placebo effect could kill you
By Michael Brooks - 24 February 19:02

How's this for a dilemma: you are running a clinical trial and two of your patients have died in circumstances that suggest suicide.

Tinker at your peril: we love the NHS more than any government
By Alice Miles - 10 February 15:25

Many provisions in the English NHS reform plan will tilt the system in favour of private-sector prov

Good news and bad news in the flu furore
By Dominic Ponsford - 21 January 10:39

The worst of the outbreak may be over, but there are still no plans for a comprehensive vaccination

The anti-abortion lobby is back on the warpath
By Julie Bindel - 20 January 10:59

With Tory MPs in favour of reducing time limits on terminations, feminist campaigners have a fight o

Leader: The beginning of the end of the NHS
By Staff blogger - 20 January 7:20

The coalition's reforms pave the way for the full-scale privatisation of the health service.

Our disgusting appetite for anorexia chic
By Laurie Penny - 11 January 16:51

The press might not admit it but anorexia is in fashion.

Saved by the cell
By Deborah MacKenzie - 02 December 9:22

Two recent cases show the progress being made by stem-cell researchers – but their work is still und

A double portion of American pie
By Alice Miles - 25 November 15:06

How a pact between the food lobby and the US government has made two-thirds of the country’s adults

TV dramas portraying mental illness as 'dangerous', says survey
By New Statesman - 22 November 11:19

The issue of mental health has been characterized as dangerous by various television dramas

Yes, we are all in this together
By Richard Wilkinson and Kate Pickett - 11 November 13:04

Since it was first published, <em>The Spirit Level</em> has won admirers including Ed Miliband and D

A bitter pill to swallow
By Edzard Ernst - 11 November 12:59

The sketchy evidence for the effectiveness of homoeopathic medicine has no scientific basis, and pos

How porn blunts moral boundaries
By Sigrid Rausing - 11 November 7:32

The popular attitude to pornography is that it’s fine as long as the kids don’t see it. But this mis

An open letter to Vince Cable
By Peter Kellner - 21 October 8:17

Now is the time to choose between the smoking lobby and the British people.

Laurie Penny on Breast Cancer Awareness Month: The sexy way to die
By Laurie Penny - 15 October 13:16

The capitalist delusions of Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

In sickness and in health
By Victoria Brignell - 13 September 17:29

In the third part of her series on social care, Victoria Brignell reveals what can happen when your

Cutting off NHS Direct is a bad call
By Alice Miles - 06 September 9:18

It may have been a sop to the middle classes, but Andrew Lansley’s decision to scrap the popular dis

You have to be kind to be cruel
By Mark Vernon - 06 September 9:12

Empathy is held up as humanity’s moral salvation, but scientific study exposes its dark and dangerou

The NS Interview: Debbie Purdy, assisted suicide campaigner
By Sophie Elmhirst - 03 September 9:59

“In a way, I&#8200;am grateful I&#8200;have got MS”

The perils of recruitment
By Victoria Brignell - 17 August 15:39

In the second part of her series on social care, Victoria Brignell describes the challenge of recrui

Care one - overview
By Victoria Brignell - 09 August 14:14

In the first of a seven part series on social care, Victoria Brignell gives an insight into how one

Hitchens on cancer and God
By George Eaton - 06 August 13:57

Writer gives first television interview since being diagnosed with oesophageal cancer.

Out-of-body experiences
By Michael Brooks - 05 August 0:36

A couple of days before the government announced that the Human Fertilisation and Embryology Authority (HFEA) will be axed, the journal Human Reproduction published a report on why, nearly 40 years ago, the UK Medical Research