Behind the battle lines: British police mount a roadblock to support a search in Dublin during the civil unrest of 1920-21.  Photo: Tal/Epic/Mary Evans
As the centenary of the 1916 Easter Rising approaches, the history wars in Ireland still rage
By David Reynolds - 23 July 12:06

Will poking around in the embers of Irish history rekindle old flames?

Market utopianism supposes a price-setting market in human beings without a society. Photo: Getty
Greece and the birth of fiscal colonialism
By Maurice Glasman and Jon Cruddas - 23 July 12:04

Greece is caught in a vicious debt cycle that leads to a perpetual need for stimulus.

Anti-austerity protesters outside the Greek Parliament. Photo: Getty
A view from Athens: Greece’s shell-shocked left
By Evel Economakis - 22 July 17:08

Taking stock of Syriza’s capitulation.

Yanis Varoufakis sitting on the floor looking stressed during negotiations. Photo: Getty
Exclusive: Yanis Varoufakis opens up about his five month battle to save Greece
By Harry Lambert - 13 July 17:49

In his first interview since resigning, Greece's former Finance Minister says the Eurogroup is “completely and utterly” controlled by Germany, Greece was “set up” and last week’s referendum was wasted.

Yanis Varoufakis looks despairingly at his computer screen during crisis talks. Photo: Getty
Yanis Varoufakis full transcript: our battle to save Greece
By Harry Lambert - 13 July 17:37

The full transcript of the former Greek Finance Minister's first interview since resigning.

From the archive: Greece, Germany and the ghosts of the past
By Mark Mazower - 13 July 10:47

 In a curious way, the memory of the war has continued to shape German behaviour through this crisis just as much as it has the Greek.

Will the Greeks' No vote have positive effects on Europe? Photo: Getty
A view from Athens – OXI-dation: has Greece's No vote missed its chance to create a healthier Europe?
By Evel Economakis - 10 July 12:45

Syriza could yet keep Greece in the eurozone. Our contributor, the Athenian schoolteacher Evel Economakis, bet a souvlaki on it.

Age of fracture: Greece’s struggles have accelerated the decline of a global economic order that has ruled since the Second World War. Photo: photomontage by Dan Murrell
Greece is just the canary in the mine - there are still crises aplenty to come in global finance
By Felix Martin - 10 July 9:51

While all eyes are on the eurozone, larger troubles are brewing.

People wait to withdraw cash from an ATM in downtown Athens. Photo: Iakovos Hatzistavrou/AFP/Getty
From taxi drivers to surgeons, everyone in Greece is now an expert on the country’s debt
By Duncan Weldon - 09 July 12:00

The strange thing has been how few Greeks, whether politicians, business people, journalists or whoever, took the idea that their country might leave the euro seriously.

The Second World War memorial in Kiev. Photo: Jana Bakunina
This is what it’s like to be a Russian in Kiev
By Jana Bakunina - 09 July 11:34

The growing feud between the two nations is traumatising: nearly everyone in Russia has relatives in Ukraine.

A single European federal state including Britain is not compatible with British sovereignty. Photos: Getty Images
Why we need a British Europe, not a European Britain
By Brendan Simms - 09 July 9:25

The critical thing for eurozoners to understand is that the United Kingdom is an exceptional power, not prepared to sacrifice its sovereignty.

Varoufakis during negotiations. Pretending the Greek question is administrative, rather than ideological, is tantamount to bullying. Photo: Milos Bicanski/Getty Images
Slavoj Žižek on Greece: This is a chance for Europe to awaken
By Slavoj Zizek - 06 July 14:23

The Greeks are correct: Brussels' denial that this is an ideological question is ideology at its purest  and symptomatic of our whole political process.

An EU flag in Greece, which has been devastated by European austerity policies.Photo: Louisa Gouliamaki/AFP/Getty Images
Leader: Europe's battalion of woes
By New Statesman - 02 July 16:20

The European Union has indeed brought peace and prosperity, but now this hard-earned and long-cherished stability is fracturing.

Kristian Thulesen Dahl, leader of The Danish People’s Party, celebrates after the election. Photo: Linda Kastrup/AFP/Getty Images
Why even Scandinavia is moving to the right
By Mark Leonard - 02 July 9:52

The fall of Prime Minister Helle Thorning-Schmidt and Scandinavia’s move to the right.

Too far from home: a symbolic graveyard for migrants created on the lawns of the Reichstag building, Berlin, by activists protesting against EU refugee policy. Photo: Ian McGowan
Burying the Syrian dead in Berlin
By Musa Okwonga - 02 July 9:35

Musa Okwonga attends the burial of a Syrian man, lost trying to cross the Mediterranean, organised by Berliners.

A bank manager tries to calm pensioners down. Photo: Getty
Don't punish the Greeks for the current crisis – they shoulder the heaviest burden
By Vicky Pryce - 01 July 11:40

It's hard to imagine many other countries putting up with a 25 per cent decline in GDP, a 26 per cent unemployment rate and 35 per cent salary cuts without a revolution and a public lynching of their elected officials.

Atop the Acropolis in Athens. Photo: Milos Bicanski/Getty Images
At the last minute, Greece requests a third bailout
By New Statesman - 30 June 15:55

The Greek PM Alexis Tsipras has made a dramatic bid for a financial lifeline.

A pensioner waits to draw his pension outside a closed branch of the National Bank. Photo: Getty
A view from Athens: why I believe there will be no exit for Greece
By Evel Economakis - 29 June 12:08

While queueing at a cash point after hardly any sleep amid last night's drama, the Athens-based teacher Evel Economakis still believes his country will hang on in the eurozone.

Greek prime minister Alexis Tsipras(L), his Italian counterpart Matteo Renzi (C) and German Chancellor Angela Merkel. Photo: Getty
A view from Athens: is a “backflip” by Syriza in the Greek debt crisis negotiations inevitable?
By Evel Economakis - 26 June 12:36

Is Syriza simply looking to take Greece from a deal-making cliffhanger to plain-sailing for the middle classes who had stability and prospects before the crash?

African migrants stranded on a boat. Photo: Getty
"Shameful consequences?": Europe contemplates Australian response to African migrants
By Martin Plaut - 25 June 11:04

Will the EU's contemplation of Australia's "solution" to the migration crisis, denying all those rescued at sea the right to settle, end in "shameful consequences"?

An anti-austerity demonstration in Lisbon in 2014. Photo: Patricia de Melo Moreira/AFP/Getty Images
Why the left is losing the austerity argument
By Peter Wise - 24 June 10:11

Unlike voters in Greece, Spain or Ireland, the Portuguese are not turning to left-wing parties – even the moderate mainstream left is failing to turn Portugal’s hardships to its advantage.

Yanis Varoufakis sitting on the floor looking tired. Photo: Getty
A view from Athens: we're further from Grexit than the fearmongers would have you think
By Evel Economakis - 18 June 16:07

Sources in Syriza's leftwing faction say that the stakes are nowhere near as high as those involved in the debt crisis negotiations suggest.

I would like, more than almost anything else in the world, to get merry with Merkel. Photo: Sean Gallup/Getty
Why I love Angela Merkel
By Eleanor Margolis - 17 June 14:59

She’s sort of the female Mark Corrigan of European politics. She’s ruled out legalising same-sex marriage in Germany. And yet I find everything about her joyous.

Kievan Lavra and the view over the city.
In Kiev, after the revolution, what do ordinary Ukrainians really think?
By Jana Bakunina - 16 June 10:01

A new police force, rising prices and hope for the future on the streets of Ukraine’s capital.

Rain on the people’s parade: “however sweet the propaganda”, King argues, the European Union is anti-democratic and “a tool for multinationals”. Photo: Jonathan McHugh
John King: The left wing case for leaving the EU
By John King - 11 June 14:31

Supporters of the EU sneer “Little Englander” at those with a different opinion, but most of the arguments against membership are left-leaning and liberal.

Women protesting in Dublin after the death of Savita Halappanavar in 2012. Photo: Peter Muhly/AFP/Getty
The abuse of Irish women can go on no longer – abortion must be legalised
By Sarah Ditum - 10 June 16:01

In Britain, women’s options are constrained and conditional, but there are at least options. In Ireland, there are none.

Conchita Wurst hands over the trophy to 2015 Eurovision winner Mans Zelmerloew of Sweden. Photo: Nigel Treblin/Getty
This was the year Eurovision became more about the politics than the songs
By Eleanor Margolis - 26 May 17:34

What with Russia’s homophobia and Britain’s EU tensions, it’s not really about the music anymore.

Gay marriage campaigners celebrate Ireland's Yes vote. Photo: Getty
Just 22 years after homosexuality was legalised, Ireland votes yes to gay marriage
By Helen Lewis - 23 May 21:44

More than 62 per cent of people voted in favour of the change.

A yes campaign poster in Dublin. Photo: Getty
Will Ireland make history and vote for same sex marriage?
By Aoife Moriarty - 20 May 11:23

This referendum has brought a clear dichotomy in Irish society into sharp focus: the divide between traditional Catholicism and a more progressive, global outlook.