Pakistan reborn?
By William Dalrymple - 21 February 12:00

Confounding all predictions, the Pakistani people have clearly demonstrated that they want to choose

Anger of the ant farmers
By Lindsey Hilsum - 21 February 12:00

The story of a rampant form of capitalism governed by personal connections, not regulation

Across the divide
By Geert Mak - 21 February 12:00

Istanbul's Galata Bridge joins the twin spirits of that many-faced, ever-changing city

Speed dating by colour
By Aditi Charanji - 19 February 14:47

Aditi Charanji goes to a singles night for British Asians and finds how people divide themselves by

Darfur and the Olympics
By Stephen Chan - 18 February 15:45

The Chinese are supporting a single brutal dictatorship in Africa. The West does this all the time,

An affair of the masses
By Edward Skidelsky - 14 February 12:00

Chinese opera is not all shrieks and bangs, as Edward Skidelsky discovers on a visit to Shanghai

The elephant in the foyer
By Ryan Gilbey - 14 February 12:00

Bollywood is often ignored by the mainstream media - and that's our loss

Soldiers of misfortune
By Ben Quinn - 14 February 12:00

Observations on Mercenaries

Healthy passage to India
By Aditi Charanji - 14 February 12:00

How the UK has been in discussions about flying NHS patients in order to cut waiting times

The sage of Shepperton
By Lewis Jones - 14 February 12:00

<strong>Miracles of Life: Shanghai to Shepperton (An Autobiography) </strong>

J G Ballard <em>Fou

Will you marry me - temporarily?
By Ziauddin Sardar - 07 February 12:00

This year, the Iranian interior ministry has launched a huge campaign to encourage the country's fru

What the Chinese don't know about Africa
By Lindsey Hilsum - 07 February 12:00

As the former UN secretary general Kofi Annan tries to broker a deal between rival politicians in Ke

Bhutan's ethnic cleansing
By Bill Frelick - 01 February 14:10

Bill Frelick examines the plight of Bhutan's stateless ethnic Nepalese. Read also Michael Hutt's <a

Degrees of deception
By Angela Saini - 31 January 12:00

A legal loophole ensures that as long as someone doesn't falsely claim to offer a UK-recognised qual

Paradise without the politics
By Kamila Shamsie - 31 January 12:00

The truth was, the civil war seemed a million miles away and the most urgent situation "on the groun

All change in Shangri-la?
By Michael Hutt - 28 January 17:58

Ahead of Bhutan's parliamentary elections, Michael Hutt looks at the reality of the transition of th

Generation X, Beijing
By Alastair Sooke - 24 January 12:00

<strong>20 Fragments of a Ravenous Youth </strong>

Xiaolu Guo <em>Chatto & Windus, 204pp, £12.99

Merchant adventurer
By Tristram Hunt - 24 January 12:00

As he toured China and India, touting Britain as the ultimate capitalist destination, Gordon Brown d

The people pay the price
By Alex Brummer - 24 January 12:00

Combine the foolishness of American banks with the hesitancy of British ministers, and you produce a

The Chagossian story
By Sean Carey - 22 January 12:55

On 23 January Olivier Bancoult gives evidence to UK MPs about the treatment of his people by the Bri

Was Northern Rock the worst of it?
By Howard Reed - 18 January 12:59

<a href="">IPPR</a> chief economist Howard Reed ponders our economic prospects f

Talking to the enemy
By Mark Seddon - 17 January 12:00

<strong>North Korea on the Brink: Struggle for Survival</strong>

Glyn Ford and Soyoung Kwon <em>P

War of the $100 laptops
By Salil Tripathi - 17 January 12:00

Observations on the digital divide

Nurturing democracy in Pakistan
By Alex Bigham - 14 January 12:23

The <a href="">Foreign Policy Centre's</a> Alex Bigham considers how the world sho

Approaching Buddhism
By Ani Rinchen Khandro - 14 January 10:05

Ani Rinchen Khandro recounts years living in South-East Asia, and how a snowy May day in Scotland ma

The global centre of gravity shifts east
By Lindsey Hilsum - 10 January 12:00

Beijing wants to give the impression of a "harmonious society", yet the gap between rich and poor is

Drink, dictators and belly dancers
By Craig Murray - 10 January 12:00

Hearing the UK and US drone on about democracy in Pakistan makes me sick: Musharraf would remain a d

America's great game: John Pilger on how Washington has orchestrated war in Afghanistan
By John Pilger - 10 January 12:00

The US and Britain claim defeating the Taliban is part of a "good war" against al-Qaeda. 

Pakistan cannot fail
By Sohail Mahmood - 08 January 15:04

The murder of Benazir Bhutto has further weakened a fragile Pakistan, and only free elections can be

The cycle of catastrophe
By Andrew Stephen - 03 January 12:00

Condoleezza Rice in effect signed Bhutto's death warrant when she phoned her in Dubai last October a