Obama is wrong: this is his Vietnam
By Mehdi Hasan - 17 December 7:06

Afghanistan could hijack Obama's presidency, just as Vietnam hijacked and destroyed LBJ's

Spiritual awakening
By William Dalrymple - 17 December 7:06

Globalisation has been good for gods in the Indian subcontinent. As the region has remade itself, it

Gobbled up by Gobi
By Holly Williams - 10 December 5:47

After ten years in Beijing, I thought I knew about sandstorms. Every spring the dust blows off the Mongolian steppe and veils the Chinese capital in a murky shroud.

What if .... Britain had gone into Vietnam
By Dominic Sandbrook - 10 December 5:47

"It's an honour to be working with Ken on a project like this," says the footballer-turned-actor Vinnie Jones.

Leader: Our craven calculations in Iraq must not infect Afghanistan
By Staff blogger - 10 December 5:47

The Iraq war was a ruinous mistake. The lessons from it have not yet been learned.

Obama's barmy army
By Mehdi Hasan - 03 December 5:20

On 30 August, the top US military commander in Afghanistan, General Stanley McChrystal, submitted a 66-page assessment of the war to the White House.

Good idea: Do the business a loan
By Alyssa McDonald - 03 December 5:20

Give a man a fish, so the saying goes, and you feed him for a day. Lend him a fishing rod and the profits of his microenterprise will go up by 9 per cent.

Two sides of the Coin
By Mehdi Hasan - 26 November 5:41

As Barack Obama and Gordon Brown prepare to invest extra troops in the latest attempt to defeat the

Let the bird of paradise go free: John Pilger on the exploitation of West Papua
By John Pilger - 12 November 5:43

The theft of West Papua's mineral wealth must end. The province's courageous resistance movement offers hope.

Chinese whispers
By Daniel Trilling - 10 November 10:28

Xiaolu Guo on the voices of a changing country

Leader: Killed in the name of crooked Karzai
By Staff blogger - 05 November 5:55

The tawdry spectacle of Karzai's "re-election" should shame western leaders

Leader: Why Britain must abort mission in Afghanistan
By Staff blogger - 22 October 8:48

There are no good options left for Britain in Afghanistan. Brown should set a date for withdrawal

The great gamble
By Geoffrey Robinson - 22 October 8:48

As the Karzai government succumbs to pressure to rerun elections and ever more coalition troops die,

This restless land
By Isabel Hilton - 15 October 8:38

Last year, after a decade of violence, Maoist rebels drove through the abolition of Nepal’s monarchy

Five alive
By Staff blogger - 01 October 8:13

Shireen Vakil Miller, Save the Children

Death of a terrorist
By Sholto Byrnes - 17 September 17:24

Noordin Top, leader of al-Qaeda in the Malay Archipelago, has been shot dead in Indonesia. But there

China's growth will continue
By John Ross - 17 September 12:26

China's successful economic policies are specifically Chinese. But they are made up of universal ele

John Pilger on how the Labour party conference has failed on Afghanistan
By John Pilger - 17 September 6:48

For the Afghan villagers blown to pieces in our name, one craven motion at Labour’s conference is too late.

Emission impossible?
By James Macintyre - 10 September 8:56

Ed Miliband will need all the political skills he can muster to get a deal in Copenhagen

The UK's role in Diego Garcia: green fingers or red faces?
By Sean Carey - 07 September 11:30

Sean Carey talks to Peter H Sand about his new book, United States and Britain in Diego Garcia.

Leader: In Afghanistan, political success remains as elusive as military triumph
By Staff blogger - 03 September 8:19

The leaders of the coalition are now ignoring allegations of fraud and corruption that they have not

Afghangsters’ paradise
By Gretchen Peters - 03 September 8:19

When I think of the Taliban, I think of Tony Soprano and his gang. They are more mafiosi than mujahe

The drowned world
By James Macintyre - 03 September 8:19

Time is running out in Bangladesh where floods caused by climate change threaten to engulf entire is

Q&A: George Friedman
By George Eaton - 27 August 16:42

The author of the new book The Next 100 Years explains why China poses little threat to US supremacy

Taro’s red card
By Tina Burrett - 27 August 8:07

The Japanese leader Taro Aso, like his counterpart Gordon Brown, spent a decade coveting the premiership.

The next 100 years
By George Friedman - 27 August 8:07

Japan and Turkey form an alliance to attack the US. Poland becomes America’s closest ally. Mexico ma

Village people
By Bethan Ellis - 27 August 8:07

Last month, Unilever's global leader of innovation process development took a public oath in his home village of Nai Nangla that he would dedicate the rest of his life to making the world a better place.

Up close with the insurgency
By Alex Crawford - 20 August 8:40

When I turned a corner to find a man wearing a black hooded mask, with an AK-47 slung across his chest and grenades strapped around his waist, I was at a bit of a loss as to how to behave.

How “winnable” is Afghanistan?
By Staff blogger - 20 August 8:40

The government has failed to define "victory". Ministers should set a date for withdrawal of British

John Pilger on why new film Balibo is a travesty of omissions
By John Pilger - 20 August 8:40

It is ten years since East Timor’s referendum on freedom from Indonesia – but new film Balibo cuts all government complicity from its story.