An unimaginably big tent
By Edward Miliband - 03 February 12:00

Observations on the World Social Forum

The beginnings of a new prejudice
By Chris Byrne - 03 February 12:00

I am 29 years old, born and bred in Aldershot, Hampshire. I have lived in England all my life with no criminal record. I have qualifications as a mental health nurse and I have just finished a course on teaching English as a foreign language.

America - Andrew Stephen asks if Bush has finally had it
By Andrew Stephen - 03 February 12:00

The largest number of job losses since the Second World War, middle-class incomes down, and a drop i

Perverse rage of the oppressed
By Claire Messud - 03 February 12:00

Claire Messud on the lessons of Algeria, home to many of those recently arrested as suspected terror

The chosen ones
By Isabel Hilton - 03 February 12:00

China's New Rulers: the secret files

Edited by Andrew J Nathan and Bruce Gilley <em>Granta Books,

Terrorism: the price we pay for poverty
By John Kampfner - 03 February 12:00

A cabinet minister says it at last: if we truly want security, we must do far more to end misery and

In their silence over Iraq, the Observer have committed a great betrayal
By John Pilger - 03 February 12:00

The lineage of the paper's great editor David Astor is undermined by its negligence today.

Oriental Lolitas
By Susanna Jones - 03 February 12:00

While paedophilia causes growing hysteria in the west, the Japanese, even in public, read comic book

The land of anthrax and H-bombs
By Michael Church - 27 January 12:00

It came into being when Stalin decreed it and the Soviets used it for testing weapons of mass destru

How to stop tears in Argentina
By Johann Hari - 27 January 12:00

Observations on direct democracy

Is Russia closing in on itself again?
By John Lloyd - 27 January 12:00

Vladimir Putin wants to play a central role in international affairs. But he also shares his country

Who's afraid of Rebekah Wade?
By Helena Smith - 27 January 12:00

Observations on Hans Blix

Proof of America's weapons of mass destruction
By Mark Thomas - 27 January 12:00

Wars and conflicts have been started for many spurious reasons that, at the time, seemed noble enough but, on reflection, amounted to little more than a diplomatic version of "Is your asylum-seeker looking at my pint?" None, to my knowledge, has been started upon the discovery of 11 empty shell

A talent to provoke. Richard Gott grapples with a revisionist's defence of empire
By Richard Gott - 27 January 12:00

Empire: how Britain made the modern world

Niall Ferguson <em>Allen Lane, The Penguin Press, 392pp,

The puppet master
By Andrew Stephen - 27 January 12:00

The US thought it could swat Saddam like a fly. But the Iraqi dictator has manoeuvred so cleverly th

Teachers take to the barricades
By Bulent Yusuf - 27 January 12:00

Observations on Northern Cyprus

Hawks hold the key to Blair's future
By John Kampfner - 20 January 12:00

The Prime Minister's fate is in the hands of Donald Rumsfeld. It is an alarming prospect, but Downing Street strategists know that if the US defence secretary wins the latest battle for the president's ear it could spell disaster. "We think Bush is with us.

George Bush's other poodle: John Howard, Australian prime minister
By John Pilger - 20 January 12:00

John Howard is the mouse that roars for America, whipping his country into war fever.

Can he be stopped?
By John Kampfner - 20 January 12:00

When it comes to war on Iraq, Clare Short has been portrayed as a dissenter. But she tells John Kamp

NS Essay - 'American culture is animated by a heresy: that human nature is not inherently flawed but essentially good'
By John Gray - 20 January 12:00

The real danger of President Bush's plans for Iraq is that they are based on the belief that evil ca

Ever the willing ally
By Bulent Yusuf - 20 January 12:00

Australians were on hand even for the Boer war and the Boxer Rebellion. They were involved in more o

Small nation, big spanner in works
By Mark Almond - 13 January 12:00

Observations on Lithuania

America - Andrew Stephen identifies a Democratic hope
By Andrew Stephen - 13 January 12:00

Right now, George Bush dwarfs all potential Democratic opponents for 2004. But note one name: Senato

A lesson from Moscow
By Benjamin Wegg-Prosser - 13 January 12:00

Benjamin Wegg-Prosser laments Clare Short's failure to renew aid to a school that supports democracy

Politics - John Kampfner reveals an Anglo-US split
By John Kampfner - 13 January 12:00

Britain feels betrayed by America over Israel. When Sharon wrecked the proposed conference in London

A nice villa for a retired torturer
By John Kampfner - 13 January 12:00

Observations on South Africa

An ugly, ugly inequality
By Johann Hari - 13 January 12:00

Observations on compensation

Why boycott Zimbabwe, but not China?
By Staff blogger - 06 January 12:00

Three countries are currently targets for western opprobrium: Iraq, North Korea and Zimbabwe. It is no doubt a tiresome, left cliche that the present state of all three owes much to foreign and particularly western imperialism; but cliches often happen to be true.

Is the Daily Mail right about immigrants?
By John Lloyd - 06 January 12:00

Unskilled migrants depress the wages of unskilled natives. But if we allow entry only to the highly