Funny business abroad
By Stefan Stern - 20 May 13:00

Observations on the Euro debate

Mark Thomas
By Mark Thomas - 20 May 13:00

President Bush has declared a War on Hormones and is set to do battle with every teenage erection, s

America - Andrew Stephen
By Andrew Stephen - 20 May 13:00

Colin Powell, the loyal soldier, stays at his post but is now totally isolated within the Bush admin

Hello again, Mr President
By Justin Webster - 20 May 13:00

Justin Webster meets Hugo Chavez, the in-out-in ruler of Venezuela, and finds he still fears for his

US hits the poor
By Barbara Gunnell - 20 May 13:00

Observations on trade

The people take to the streets again
By John Lloyd - 13 May 13:00

In Italy, France, Venezuela, Argentina, the Netherlands, the big issues are being fought through mar

Cure for boredom
By John Kampfner - 13 May 13:00

Observations - Murder in Holland

I am not an anti-Semite
By Lindsey Hilsum - 13 May 13:00

Observations - Lindsey Hilsum reporting the Middle East

In Saddam's land, they hold their breath
By Richard Gott - 13 May 13:00

Iraq's streets are full of people buying and selling goods from all over the world. Sanctions have f

America - Andrew Stephen on 50 years for stealing Snow White
By Andrew Stephen - 13 May 13:00

In California, a man stole a few kids' videotapes from his local Kmart. Now the US Supreme Court wil

On the Parisian boulevards, the blood races
By David Lawday - 13 May 13:00

On the eve of his weird re-election as president of France, upending Jean-Marie Le Pen's Front National, Jacques Chirac publicly thanked millions of street demonstrators. Action in the street, said a grateful Chirac, had shown that "France will forever be France".

The NS Essay - France: into the void
By Joshua Winter - 06 May 13:00

Those who voted for Le Pen belong to a generation which, in the words of one writer, "knows that ple

Syrian siege
By Mark Almond - 06 May 13:00

Observations - Middle East terrorism

America - Andrew Stephen on Washington hawks and Iraq
By Andrew Stephen - 06 May 13:00

US intelligence firmly suggests that there is no link between al-Qaeda and Iraq, but the hawks, igno

If I were a US citizen seeking to be reassured of my government's probity and diligence, I would now head for the hills with a hunting rifle and a do-it-yourself nuclear bunker
By Mark Thomas - 29 April 13:00

Enron has had repercussions across the globe. In Dabhol, India, where the company's bullying tactics led to its being criticised by Human Rights Watch and Amnesty International, I imagine the odd bitter laugh was heard.

The terrible failure of Europe's left
By Staff blogger - 29 April 13:00

So much for the Third Way. This supposedly forward-looking political philosophy - with its long, abstract nouns, its obeisances to the free market, its technocratic arrogance, its contempt for old social democratic values and policies - has been found out.

The response of Britain's media to the conspiracy in Venezuela provided an object lesson in how censorship works in free societies. The episode was a journalistic disgrace
By John Pilger - 29 April 13:00

Last month, I wrote about Venezuela, pointing out that little had been reported in this country about the achievements of Hugo Chavez and the threat to his reforming government from the usual alliance of a corrupt local elite and the United States.

A campaign that smells like a sausage
By David Lawday - 29 April 13:00

France's electoral system, a Gaullist relic, was an accident waiting to happen. It has turned politi

Where hell lay beyond a 25ft wall
By Lindsey Hilsum - 22 April 13:00

Lindsey Hilsumreports from Jenin, and finds each side ready with its mythic version of events

The Village is missing the Jersey girls
By Jason Cowley - 22 April 13:00

Jason Cowley finds that New York has only half recovered from the trauma of 11 September.

Who really downed the twin towers?
By Johann Hari - 22 April 13:00

Was 11 September actually the work of the CIA? Why is no plane visible on photos taken seconds befor

The New Statesman Essay - Who's revolting now?
By Mark Almond - 22 April 13:00

Once, we all knew where we stood on people's uprisings. But as Venezuela shows, you can't trust them

A leader of unrivalled stature?
By Nick Cohen - 22 April 13:00

The more you go into Kissinger's record, the stronger the case for a prosecution. So why is he feted

A BMW kills six, no questions asked
By John Elliott - 22 April 13:00

India has become ungovernable. But who cares? Good government might threaten the elite. John Elliott

Let's hear it for the party of Tomorrow Land
By Andrew Stephen - 22 April 13:00

The things people will do in politics.

The poppies that feed the farmers
By Christopher Lord - 22 April 13:00

Afghanistan's rulers are waging the wrong drug war

Who does he think he is?
By John Kampfner - 15 April 13:00

<em>Middle East War</em> - Is Blair backing Arafat or Sharon? Or does he just want to please Bush? J

The return of imperialism
By John Lloyd - 15 April 13:00

Empire is no longer a dirty word: it is now a respectable debating point among thinkers and politici

The terrible lesson of Colonel Adams
By Andrew Stephen - 15 April 13:00

As the US pursues a terrorist war, it looks all too likely to repeat the British errors that handed