ComRes suggest Labour’s summer leads in the key marginals are intact
By Harry Lambert - 26 November 21:36

We can compare tonight’s poll with Ashcroft’s seat-by-seat polls of Tory-Labour marginals.

Ashcroft joins Populus in putting Labour up 5 points: What's changed?
By Harry Lambert - 24 November 18:15

Labour have ticked up, but the more obvious shift in Ashcroft's poll has been a 2-point Tory-to-Ukip swing.

Explore all of Lord Ashcroft's 89 marginal polls
By May2015 - 07 November 14:45

See how many seats each party is set to win according to the seat-by-seat polls.

Poll: SNP will win 54 seats in Scotland
By Harry Lambert - 30 October 15:21

A poll today suggests the SNP have surged since the referendum campaign. They won't win 50 seats but will stop Labour winning a majority.

As expected, Greens fall back to 5 per cent in Ashcroft’s weekly poll
By May2015 - 28 October 13:23

Today’s poll blast: the Greens fall back below the Lib Dems, as we forecast last week.

Could there be two elections next year for the first time in 40 years?
By Harry Lambert - 24 October 13:27

Miliband may have to offer the SNP another referendum, or the Lib Dems work with Ukip, for any coalition to manage a majority next year.

Could the SNP win 25 Labour seats in 2015?
By Harry Lambert - 21 October 18:55

In post-referendum Scotland, the SNP are polling around 40 per cent, which could hand them more than a dozen Labour seats.

Have the Greens really overtaken the Lib Dems in the polls?
By Harry Lambert - 20 October 18:11

Today's numbers rely on nearly one in three young voters backing the Greens - we need more data before we can confirm today's spike. 

Polls can shape reality, not just reflect it
By Harry Lambert - 20 October 11:07

The pollsters and the media have to make decisions based on public opinion – but those decisions can then shape us.

Ashcroft's latest polls: Labour ahead but any majority likely precarious
By Harry Lambert - 16 October 13:17

Labour are only convincingly ahead in four of the ten seats in today's Ashcroft polls, but they need to win all for a majority in May 2015.

Will the Tories win any of Labour’s seats in May 2015?
By Harry Lambert - 15 October 12:09

Ed Miliband’s party could start election night with nearly 260 seats, before it even starts winning those it lost in 2010.

Did Labour's poll lead just vanish in a week?
By May2015 - 07 October 13:02

Four of the six most recent polls have handed the Tories a lead, and an average of all suggests we are tied.

Nick Clegg's party could lose 17 seats to Labour.
Ashcroft polls: Lib Dems could lose 17 seats to Labour
By Lucy Fisher - 01 July 11:54

The latest polling by Lord Ashcroft offers a snapshot of the wipe out facing Lib Dems in battleground seats against Labour.

Voters are warming to the idea of a Labour government
By George Eaton - 21 November 9:11

Lord Ashcroft poll shows that 56 per cent of voters would like to see a Labour-led government after the next election.

Corby shows how a Lib Dem collapse will hurt the Tories
By George Eaton - 16 November 16:19

A fall in support for the Lib Dems will propel Labour to victory in Tory marginals.

Labour's lead
Labour's poll surge: ten key points
By George Eaton - 27 March 10:25

What lies behind Labour's 10-point poll lead?

What lies behind the Tories' poll bounce?
By George Eaton - 14 December 9:11

The Tories surge past Labour in the polls after Cameron's rejection of a new EU treaty.

Could Ukip overtake the Lib Dems?
By George Eaton - 16 November 14:09

Lib Dems fall to seven per cent in new poll, just two points ahead of Ukip.

A grim poll for the Tories
By George Eaton - 18 October 10:21

Labour lead up to eight points as Tory support falls to just 33 per cent in new Populus poll.

A poll bounce for the Tories
By George Eaton - 31 August 12:22

Latest YouGov poll puts the Tories on 39 per cent, just a point behind Labour.

Are we witnessing a Lib Dem revival?
By George Eaton - 22 February 10:29

New ICM poll puts the party on 18 per cent, their highest rating since September.

Labour opens up a five-point lead over the Tories
By New Statesman - 25 January 11:37

Latest opinion poll puts Labour on 42 per cent with the Tories trailing on 37 per cent.

Lib Dems hit a new poll low
By George Eaton - 09 December 11:20

Support for Clegg’s party falls to just 8 per cent – the lowest level in 20 years.

Labour maintains lead over Tories in new YouGov poll
By New Statesman - 16 November 9:03

Latest opinion polls puts Labour two points ahead of the Conservatives.

Labour moves ahead of Tories in new poll
By New Statesman - 02 November 8:21

Ed Miliband's party opens up a two-point lead in the latest ComRes poll.

Labour takes lead in new poll as cuts fears grow
By New Statesman - 26 October 9:52

Tories behind in new Populus poll for the first time since November 2007.

Lib Dems hit new poll low of 10 per cent
By George Eaton - 22 October 10:17

Support for party plummets to lowest level in 13 years.

Labour narrows Conservative lead to just a point in new poll
By New Statesman - 14 October 9:59

Support for Labour rises four points to 40 per cent in the wake of the student fees announcement.

A poll to calm the coalition's nerves
By George Eaton - 06 October 10:35

Poll shows 83 per cent support child benefit decision - Labour must be clearer in its defence of the