Housing & Construction

Housing and construction

Housing and construction

It’s a big job, and there’s no use pretending otherwise. There are more than 25 million homes in the UK. There are 26,000 or so schools. There are more than a thousand hospitals. These and countless industry and retail buildings across the country are responsible – thanks to their heating, their lighting, their fridges, their ovens, their computers and hot and cold running water – for nearly half of the UK’s carbon emissions.

Greening these buildings, and those yet to come, will be a hugely expensive undertaking. No one has managed to pin a price tag on the job, but we can be sure it will extend into the billions.

So it is vital that we begin the programme of change, starting on a sound footing.

Yet although the present government has been laudably committed to this project, there is concern that the policies being put in place may lead to muddle and confusion.

This supplement is part two of a series of Policy Reports published in 2010.


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