Here's why the Conservatives are banging on and on about the SNP
By Stephen Bush - 20 April 17:47

A new poll confirms what the Conservatives been saying privately, and bodes ill for Labour after the election.

It's not Ed Miliband who Vladimir Putin wants in Number 10
By James Bloodworth - 20 April 16:09

For all the Conservative scaremongering, it is their victory, not Miliband's, that will be cheered in the Kremlin

Foreign devils. Photo:Getty
Britain's immigration debate has taken a turn for the toxic
By Kavya Kaushik - 20 April 13:58

Whether it is the attacks on migrants crossing the Mediterranean or questions about Nick Clegg's heritage, our national debate on immigration has taken a nasty turn.

Exclusive: George Foulkes calls on Philip Hammond to intervene in the Mediterranean
By George Foulkes - 20 April 13:17

We cannot, therefore, continue to bury our heads in the sand, nor can we hide behind talk of a more comprehensive EU strategy. The simple fact is, unless more boats are sent out to patrol the region and rescue people, more innocent lives, including those of children, will be lost in the days and weeks to come.

What's wrong with tax avoidance?
By Mark Rowney - 20 April 11:30

In 2012, Ed Miliband said it wasn’t “for politicians to lecture people about morality”; he was right. Notwithstanding some politicians’ moral convictions, society cannot agree a moral standard for tax. 

The DWP's new solution to the problem of low pay? Blame working families
By Lindsay Judge - 20 April 10:58

The latest developments to the Universal Credit will hit working parents hard, while doing little to tackle the real problem.

What will Labour do for people with disabilities?
By David Blunkett - 20 April 8:52

I have been very fortunate in my life to have had essential help when I have needed it and the opportunity to make a difference to the lives of others. This election is the moment when disabled people can exercise their power and make their voice heard. And today, with the launch of its disability manifesto, Labour is hoping to win their support.

What can be done about the rising number of food banks?
By Frank Field and John Glen - 20 April 7:44

The number using food banks continues to rise. What's being done about the problem of public hunger, and what must we do next?

Milibandimania! Watch as Ed Miliband mobbed by screaming ladies
By Media Mole - 19 April 13:49

Ed Miliband's transformation from punchline into rockstar Prime Minister is almost complete.

About that Conservative jobs miracle...
By Jonathan Portes - 18 April 9:17

The Conservatives want welfare reform to be a success story. But the real picture is more mixed.

Labour's young people manifesto keeps the promise of Britain alive
By Ivan Lewis - 17 April 11:10

The launch of Labour's groundbreaking young people manifesto today is further evidence of Ed Miliband's determination to put the future of the younger generation at the heart of this election campaign.

The biggest losers from the manifesto season? The young and the poor
By Javed Khan - 16 April 17:36

As it stands, on election day, the young people who have been rejected throughout their lives will find that they yet again have no one to turn to.

Here's why London should bid to be the next City of Culture
By Gareth Thomas - 16 April 14:47

London is home to the biggest galleries, the most famous museums and some of the country's most famous cultural destinations. But in outer London, many venues are struggling and deserve a moment to shine.

Ukip and the SNP are symptoms, not the cause, of the crisis in our democracy
By Robert Corfe - 16 April 12:40

Ukip and the SNP are merely the strongest political expressions of our present discontents.

The public won't buy Right to Buy
By David Orr - 16 April 10:21

David Cameron's Right to Buy policy scored good headlines but the public won't buy it.

The Tories and UKIP are preparing to work together
By Alan Johnson - 07 April 13:30

The Conservatives are getting ready for another coalition - this time with Ukip.

5 things that we know for certain about the next election
By Steve van Riel - 07 April 8:00

The outcome of the election is uncertain. But there are some things that will definitely happen afterwards, regardless of the result.

Winners, like Sir Alex Ferguson, are obsessives. David Cameron isn't. Photo: Getty
Cameron looks like a man who has lost his desire for the job - in politics as in sport, that's lethal
By Ian Leslie - 04 April 12:40

In the debates, David Cameron looked peripheral, a professional who has lost hunger. That could be the end of him.

Vote SNP, get Tory? Does a leaked memo reveal a secret Nationalist plot to install the Tories
By Stephen Bush - 04 April 11:28

A leaked memorandum has the SNP furiously denying the conversation ever took place and Scottish Labour elated. But if you think about it, it's likely that Nicola Sturgeon's words were neither as revelatory or as indiscreet as you might think.

Whoever wins, Britain will only thrive if we all come together
By Chuka Umunna - 03 April 14:54

Labour's shadow business secretary reflects on the first week of the campaign. 

How Labour must wish that Nicola Sturgeon were their leader
By Jason Cowley - 03 April 11:25

Last night’s debate made for good television but told us little we didn’t know and changed nothing. And so the jamboree goes on. 

Who won the seven-way debates? I watched with my girlfriend to find out
By Alan Martin - 03 April 10:41

Alan Martin's girlfriend didn't watch the 2010 debates and isn't interested in politics - so what did she make of the debates?

Whatever happened to the election posters in our windows?
By Ivor Gaber - 02 April 18:59

You could always tell it was election time from the posters in people's windows. Where have they vanished to?

The Liberal Democrats don't realise how much trouble they're in - but they will soon
By Ross McCafferty - 02 April 18:39

The Liberal Democrats a bad joke - and they're the only ones who don't get it.

Here's one group you won't hear from in tonight's debates
By Javed Khan - 02 April 16:27

The youngest and the poorest are being shut out of the election

We need to bring back the Blair approach to foreign policy
By Nick Tyrone - 02 April 15:50

As far as foreign policy is concerned, Britain's leaders would benefit from a lesson or two from Tony Blair.

Which Liberal Democrats will be left to negotiate in a hung parliament?
By Stephen Bush - 01 April 17:43

It's not just Nick Clegg who is in jeopardy. His negotiating team could be knocked out before the coalition talks even begin.

Where's the letter from 100 people living in poverty?
By Stewart Lansley - 01 April 15:46

The election debate will be dominated by business leaders, bond markets, the Health Service and the public finances. The poor have been written out of the script.

The problems of England and its football team won't be solved by bashing migrants
By Matthew Parsfield - 01 April 11:49

Greg Dyke, David Cameron and Ed Milband are united in blaming migrants for our troubles. But stopping immigration will do nothing for the England football team - and even less for England.

It's competence, stupid: Labour should have done more with the Tories' mistakes
By Tim Bale - 01 April 11:01

Elections are as much about competence as conviction - Labour should have made more hay with the Coalition's many gaffes.