George Osborne holds his red box aloft. Photo:Getty Images
Labour must make the case for greater spending: in its past and the future
By John Healey - 06 July 22:04

George Osborne is selling off our children's future. Labour must set a different course, argues John Healey MP. 

Tim Farron poses for the cameras. Photo: Getty Images
Tuition fees were the Liberal Democrat Iraq. Only Tim Farron can turn the page
By Adam Bennett - 06 July 16:29

I don't want just to be right - I want to win again. That's why Tim Farron is the man for me, says Adam Bennett. 

William Hague addresses Conservative party conference on the subject of English votes for English laws. Photo: Getty Images
The government's plans for English votes for English laws get worse the more you look at them
By Ian Lucas - 06 July 15:19

The government's plans for English votes are undemocratic, bad for accountability, and bad for the United Kingdom. Other than that, they're great, says Ian Lucas MP.

David Cameron poses for photographers. Photo: Getty Images
The decline of tax credits: a tale of wishful thinking and saloon-bar logic
By Gavin Kelly - 06 July 14:55

It seems that working poverty is about to be made worse. Let’s hope that there is also some clear thinking about long-term improvements too.

Alexis Tsipras addresses the crowd after Syriza are brough to power in a landslide. Photo: Getty Images
What is Syriza? The answer's more complicated than you think
By Michael Chessum - 06 July 13:12

Beyond the famous few, who are they? Michael Chessum meets the Syriza grassroots.

Which CLPs are nominating who in the Labour deputy leadership contest?
By New Statesman - 06 July 12:04

The race now moves onto supporting nominations from constituency Labour parties: who will emerge the strongest?

David Cameron observes the minute's silence in honour of the dead of Tunisia. Photo: Getty Images
David Cameron and Alexis Tspiras forget the same thing: Germany has an electorate, too
By Stephen Bush - 06 July 8:39

Far from making David Cameron's prospects for a deal better, events in Greece show how poor the prospects for renegotiation are.

Yvette Cooper addresses Labour party conference. Photo: Getty Images
There's only one candidate for me: Yvette Cooper
By Keith Vaz - 05 July 22:00

From the despatch box to the dancefloor, Yvette Cooper is the complete package, says Keith Vaz.

Jeremy Corbyn addresses an anti-austerity rally. Photo: Getty Images
Unite endorses Jeremy Corbyn
By Stephen Bush - 05 July 13:19

Jeremy Corbyn has secured the endorsement of Unite, Britain's largest trade union.

Anti-EU graffiti in Athens. Photo: Getty Images
What Greece needs isn't Grexit, but debt relief
By Richard Howitt - 05 July 0:05

We must learn the lessons from the Jubilee Debt campaign, not heed the calls of a Eurosceptic right and a Trotskyite left, says Richard Howitt MEP.

Heathrow, viewed from below. Photo: Getty Images
The Prime Minister must get his act together on airport expansion
By Tessa Jowell - 04 July 11:09

Once again we stand to have a major decision of national consequence determined more by the political management of the Tory party than the national interest, says Tessa Jowell.

Ed Miliband and Nick Clegg head to the Cenotaph. Photo: Getty Images
The time has come for the progressive parties to put aside their differences
By John Wright - 03 July 16:56

The Conservatives took office with just 36 per cent of the vote. Only a radical rethink will stop this happening again, says John Wright. 

Andy Burnham poses for photographers after announcing his leadership bid. Photo: Getty Images
Andy Burnham isn't Continuity Miliband, he's Blair Mark II
By Jamie Reed - 03 July 14:14

Labour needs someone with the approachability of Tony Blair who can speak to working class values. Sounds like a job for Andy Burnham, says Jamie Reed. 

David Cameron addresses the press. Photo: Getty Images
Memo to David Cameron: I have all the incentives I need to stop being ill. It's called "being ill"
By Rosie Fletcher - 03 July 12:03

Disease isn’t like a gas meter. It has no notion of economics. It doesn’t switch off because you’ve stopped putting money in.

David Cameron and Tony Blair attend the Queen's Speech. Photo: Getty IMages
David Cameron is pursuing the same anti-terror tactics as Tony Blair. It's time for a rethink
By Maria Norris - 03 July 9:00

Our leaders are repeating the same decade old narrative - and are left with the same problems, says Maria Norris.

David Cameron leaves Downing Street. Photo: Getty Images
David Cameron has delivered the obituary for compassionate Conservatism
By Stephen Timms - 02 July 14:02

David Cameron, once the poster boy for a cuddlier Conservatism, has reverted to type, says Stephen Timms.

Ed Balls and Ed Miliband address Labour party conference. Photo: Getty Images
Where does Labour go from here?
By Karim Palant - 02 July 13:15

Karim Palant, Ed Balls' former head of policy, explains where Labour goes next.

Iain Duncan Smith addresses Tory party conference. Photo: Getty Images
Now we see the real difference between Labour and the Conservatives
By Owen Smith - 02 July 11:30

The last Labour government wanted to eradicate poverty; this Conservative one just wants to redefine it. 

Ed Miliband addresses Labour party conference. Photo: Getty Images
Inequality isn't just bad for people at the bottom of the heap, it's bad for everyone
By Debbie Abrahams - 02 July 11:08

Inequality hits the rich and the poor alike, says Debbie Abrahams.

A sculpture to commemorate the Kindertransport, built by a survivor. Photo: Getty Images
Nicholas Winton's other life: a Labour council candidate
By Stephen Bush - 02 July 9:00

Nicholas Winton, who saved over 600 children destined for concentration camps, died yesterday. In his other life, he was also a Labour activist and council candidate.

Jim McMahon, Labour's leader in local government.
Labour's leadership hopefuls have lessons to learn from the party's councillors
By Jim McMahon - 02 July 8:00

Devolution of powers, reform of the state, and above all, a clear idea of what Labour is for are required, says Jim McMahon.

David Cameron outside Downing Street. Photo: Getty Images
The Prime Minister should rethink his disastrous plan to shrink the Commons
By Nigel Dodds - 01 July 14:10

David Cameron's silly solution to an imagined problem will only cause trouble - and many Conservative MPs agree, says Nigel Dodds.

The Rhine, Germany. Photo: Getty Images
From medieval Europe to modern day austerity, we need to rethink business ownership
By Ed Mayo - 01 July 13:51

From the Middle Ages to the modern day: co-operativism works. 

Ed Miliband addresses Citizens UK. Photo: Getty Images
Things could still get worse for Labour
By Richard Carr - 01 July 12:49

Labour can either try and win an election, or host a pretty convivial set of party conferences and left-leaning summits over the next five years, says Richard Carr.

An anti-Conservative mural in Bristol. Photo: Getty Images
Staffing: the time bomb at the heart of the NHS
By Benedict Cooper - 01 July 11:57

Staff levels in the NHS are at a danger point, and the government is in denial, warns Benedict Cooper.

Caroline Flint addresses Progress conference. Photo:Getty Images
Liz Kendall and Caroline Flint are the team to fear, say Conservative councillors
By Stephen Bush - 01 July 11:25

A new survey of Conservative councillors lists Liz Kendall and Caroline Flint as the candidates they most fear - but a survey of their Labour counterparts show the two going down to heavy defeats.

Flags of Greece and the European Union fly outside the Acropolis. Photo: Getty Images
Greece bows to creditor demands - but Germany looks ahead to referendum
By New Statesman - 01 July 11:23

Alexis Tsipras has conceded to all but minor aspects of Greece's creditors, but Berlin says it won't negotiate until after the referendum.

A Stop Heathrow sign goes up in Sipton. Photo: Getty Images
Will the government go to war over Heathrow?
By Stephen Bush - 01 July 8:00

The Davies Report into airport expansion has opted for a third runway at Heathrow - triggering a split at the top of the Tory party.

Liz Kendall at the launch of Labour's NHS manifesto. Photo: Getty Images
25 Labour parliamentary candidates back Liz Kendall for the Labour leadership
By Stephen Bush - 30 June 17:26

25 parliamentary candidates from across the country have endorsed Liz Kendall's bid for the Labour leadership. 

Yvette Cooper and Andy Burnham sing the Red Flag at Labour party conference. Photo: Getty Images
Let's be clear: there is no continuity candidate in the Labour leadership race
By Chris Bryant - 30 June 16:59

No-one in the Labour party thinks that "one more heave" is enough. No-one thinks the party doesn't need to change. The question is: how much change?