Neil Kinnock on the campaign trail in 1992. Photo: Getty Images
In burying Ed Miliband's project, Labour's leadership contenders risk burying themselves
By Stephen Bush - 29 May 9:00

As Labour's leadership contenders race to bury the Miliband project, they risk unearthing Neil Kinnock's defeat. 

Labour leadership hopeful Yvette Cooper on the campaign trail. Photo: Getty Images
Queen's Speech: lots of promises, but challenges ahead on childcare
By Giselle Cory - 28 May 14:44

Childcare is an sound investment: fund it now and we’ll see the benefits for years to come, in terms of rising levels of maternal employment with additional tax revenues, falling child poverty and improved child development outcomes. The rationale is simple; delivering the policy less so.


A football. Photo: Getty Images
It's time to think about boycotting the Qatar World Cup
By Keiran Pedley - 28 May 10:01

Corruption in Fifa and the deaths of migrant workers mean we should think again about England's participation in the World Cup. 

Michael Foot addresses a Labour rally in 1983. Photo: Getty Images
Labour's left flank must ask itself: is it time to walk away?
By Michael Chessum - 28 May 8:00

The choice for Labour's genuine left may be between walking out or fading away.

Liz Kendall at the launch of Labour's NHS manifesto. Photo: Getty Images
I'm backing Liz Kendall for one reason - because she can beat the Conservatives
By Simon Danczuk - 27 May 17:25

So I’m backing Liz for leader because I think she is brave and because I think she is right. But most of all I am backing Liz because I think she can win.

David Cameron at a Brussels summit to start his renegotiation of Britain's relationship with the EU. Photo: Getty Images
Queen's Speech 2015: A series of hostages to fortune
By Stephen Bush - 27 May 13:14

The Conservatives cannily disarmed Labour's attack lines in the election. But they may end up counting the cost in the not too distant future.

New builds go on sale in Gloucester. Photo:Getty Images
Queen's Speech 2015: A bad policy that will make the housing crisis worse
By Tessa Jowell - 27 May 12:14

Far from helping with the housing crisis, the government's plans to sell off housing association stock will make matters worse.

David Cameron attends a Brussels summit. Photo:Getty Images
What to look out for in the Queen's Speech
By Stephen Bush - 27 May 8:30

Repealing the Human Rights Act is already out, but what might be in?

Labour leadership hopefuls attend the first debate of the election campaign. Photo:Getty Images
Labour needs as broad a debate as possible, not just a narrow fight between two and three names
By Chi Onwurah - 27 May 8:00

Labour need to have a big broad debate in order to avoid another defeat in 2020.

Why Sadiq Khan is the candidate with the best offer for renters
By Tom Copley - 26 May 15:00

A fair deal for London's renters should be the first priority for London's next Mayor. For my money, Sadiq Khan is the man with the plan.

Tessa Jowell addresses Labour Party conference. Photo:Getty Images
The next mayoral election is closer than you think
By Steve Reed - 26 May 11:34

Labour haven't won in London for eleven years. Without the right candidate, we'll lose again.

Chuka Umunna addresses a Labour party rally. Photo:Getty Images
Why we are endorsing Liz Kendall for the Labour leadership
By Chuka Umunna - 26 May 10:20

Chuka Umunna, Emma Reynolds, Stephen Twigg and Jonathan Reynolds - Chuka Umunna's leadership team - explain why they're backing Liz Kendall's campaign for the Labour leadership.

Ed Miliband gives a speech in the final days of his election campaign. Photo: Getty Images
How do you solve a problem like inequality?
By Max Harris - 26 May 8:00

A new book suggests how the struggle against inequality might survive the defeat of Ed Miliband. 

Liz Kendall at the launch of Labour's NHS manifesto. Photo: Getty Images
Why I'm backing Liz Kendall for Labour leader
By Ivan Lewis - 25 May 8:00

Liz Kendall is the only candidate who can bring about the change Labour needs to win.

Sadiq Khan on the campaign trail in Battersea. Photo: Getty Images
Why we're backing Sadiq Khan to win for London
By Oona King and Margaret Hodge - 22 May 14:40

Margaret Hodge and Oona King explain why they're backing Sadiq Khan for Labour's mayoral nomination

Harriet Harman addresses the press. Photo:Getty Images
Labour must ensure the widest possible debate, or the party will lose again
By Ben Bradshaw - 22 May 14:31

Labour avoided the wide-ranging debate it should have had in 2010. If it does the same in 2015, it will be defeated again.

Alan Johnson, on the campaign trail in Hull. Photo:Getty Images
Having an interim leader would be a disaster for Labour
By Kevin Meagher - 22 May 13:20

Far from revitalising Labour, having an interim leader would just damage it further.

David Cameron addresses the UK border force. Photo:Getty Images.
The question that Labour's leadership hopefuls must answer: how to win the European referendum
By Richard Howitt - 22 May 11:36

My appeal today to the candidates at Westminster is to stop just telling us you want a referendum, and to start telling us how you're going to win it.

The Labour leadership contenders face off at Progress conference. Photo:Getty Images
First survey of the contest shows Andy Burnham ahead and the deputy leadership too close to call
By Stephen Bush - 22 May 10:00

LabourList's membership survey puts Andy Burnham in a strong first place for the leadership, with Tom Watson and Stella Creasy tied for the deputy leadership.

Children play outside an estate in Govan, Glasgow.Photo: Getty Images
Good news for families? The costs of the Conservatives are higher than you think
By Lindsay Judge - 22 May 8:01

Children have been the biggest losers over the last five years - and as a new report shows, there is more to come.

David Cameron can't keep blaming it all on the Liberal Democrats
By Marley Morris - 21 May 18:47

Now he doesn't have those pesky Liberal Democrats to blame, David Cameron will soon find that his migration policies are a political and legal headache. 

Caroline Lucas, the Green's sole MP, and Natalie Bennett, the party's leader. Photo: Getty Images
The Greens failed. Now they must find a way to "fail better"
By Jonathon Porritt - 21 May 17:11

Thank goodness for our failures. 

How can Britain celebrate Magna Carta and leave the ECHR in the same year?

So the Magna Carta does not set Britain apart from the rest of Europe. It is the expression of the common European values that we have all come to embrace, but that we must never take for granted.

It's apathy, not shy No voters, that may sink the Republic of Ireland's equal marriage referendum
By Ciara Dunne - 21 May 11:57

The Republic of Ireland is on the brink of making history this week. But a low turnout could still sink the Yes side.

Something new and something blue: the key to Labour's future?
By Duncan O'Leary - 21 May 8:59

Might Blue Labour offer to the key to reviving New Labour? And what would both have to concede?

Why did the voters reject Labour?
By James Morris - 21 May 8:00

In voters’ eyes, Labour’s problem over the last five years was too little change, not too much.

Labour must abandon the dangerous language of "wealth creators"
By David Blagden - 20 May 12:12

The reality is that everyone, not just business owners, create wealth.

There are no easy answers to Labour's defeat

The next leader of the Labour Party to win a general election will be the one who owns the scale of the defeat, defines the new coalition and leads the party out of darkness.

Tristram Hunt endorses Liz Kendall
By Stephen Bush - 20 May 10:49

Tristram Hunt has confirmed he will not be standing for the Labour leadership, and has instead endorsed Liz Kendall's campaign.

Look behind you: Ukip could do yet more damage to Labour
By Geoff Hoon - 20 May 9:23

Labour could find themselves squeezed on both sides by Ukip and the Conservatives.