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  • Harnessing clean tech for economic growth

    Carbon capture and storage can kick-start a jobs-led green recovery in the north of England.

  • A mission of sustainable growth

    A new strategy has widened the focus of social impact at the largest nuclear site in the UK.

  • “Maximum education” should be the UK's goal

    The government may have dropped the 50 per cent goal, but further and higher education improves lives

  • Ruth Bader Ginsburg dies

    Emily Tamkin writes:

    Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg died this evening at 87 from complications releated to pancreatic cancer. Ginsburg was appointed by President Bill Clinton in 1993, the second woman ever to serve on the court. Ginsburg was known of a champion of gender equality law before she was appointed to the court. It now remains to be seen whether the Republican-controlled Senate, which argued that they needed to wait for a presidential election and refused to seat Obama's nominee to the court, Merrick Garland, in 2016, will seat Ginsburg's replacement. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell previously said that the Republicans would indeed fill a seat if one were to open in 2020 and came out with a statement on the night of Ginsburg's death to say that Trump's nominee would receive a Senate vote, since the Senate and White House are controlled by the same party.

  • A healthier and more resilient future

    This article has been initiated and funded by Pfizer UK.

  • As one door closes another opens

    Following the coronavirus pandemic, technology can help to make the education sector more efficient and flexible.

  • Levelling up our digital health strategy

    Widening access to the internet will be key to addressing healthcare inequality.

  • Kick-starting a remote revolution

    For many of the challenges escalated by Covid-19, technology could offer the solutions.

  • From chaos to catalyst

    What are the imperatives for the future of healthcare?

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