World Review podcast: Wuhan, one year on

Has the first Covid-19 epicentre bounced back after a year? Jeremy Cliffe and Emily Tamkin discuss on the World Review podcast

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It’s a year since Hubei province, central China, went into lockdown after the first outbreak of Covid-19 in its capital, Wuhan.

On this episode of World Review from the New Statesman, Jeremy Cliffe in Berlin and Emily Tamkin in Washington DC are joined by Rui Zhong, programme assistant for the Kissinger Institute on China and the United States at the Wilson Center.

They discuss how Wuhan has (or hasn’t) bounced back from the first days of Covid-19, whether there is a growing anti-China sentiment globally, and how administrations from the US to the EU and Britain should handle diplomacy with Beijing in 2021.

Listen here:

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