World Review podcast: Trump logs off

The New Statesman's World Review podcast with Jeremy Cliffe and Emily Tamkin.

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The movers have arrived, and the Trump administration is finally leaving the West Wing of the White House after a tumultuous, to say the least, post-election period.

As the outgoing president is locked out of his social media accounts and impeached for a historic second time, after being accused of inciting the riot on Capitol Hill, Jeremy Cliffe in Berlin and Emily Tamkin in Washington, DC are joined on the World Review podcast by the New Statesman's senior writer Sarah Manavis to discuss the last days of the Trump presidency and what we can expect from next week's inauguration of Joe Biden.

They also look at the tech giants' purge of controversial accounts and at which white, Catholic man will win the leadership of the CDU in Germany.

Sarah has written on the role of Big Tech in fuelling extremism, and Jeremy has tried to answer ten crucial questions about the year ahead.

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