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From Arizona to Virginia: the US 2020 Election Swing States

The US presidential election will be won or lost in certain key battlegrounds. Our series delves into the history, demographics and voting trends that could shape their results.

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Virginia is for... Democrats?

By Emily Tamkin

The story of how the former Confederacy capital turned blue is one of demographic shifts, a Democratic political machine and Donald Trump.

The Florida Factor

By Emily Tamkin

Why the Sunshine State is facing a typically mixed election forecast ahead of November.

Credit: Johnny Louis/Getty Images

Can North Carolina turn blue?

By Emily Tamkin

Though polling points to victory for Joe Biden and the Democrats, they must contend with some of the most extreme gerrymandering anywhere in the country.

Is 2020 the year Texas and Arizona will finally swing?

By Emily Tamkin

Demographics have shifted over time, but that doesn't mean voting patterns have changed with them.

Credit: John Moore/Getty Images

Can the Democrats retake Michigan from Donald Trump?

By Emily Tamkin

Voters in the midwestern state are more aware, informed, energised and empowered than they were in 2016.



Will Donald Trump hold on to Pennsylvania?

By Jake Blumgart

Despite favourable demographics, support for the president in the rust-belt state has been slipping since 2016.


Georgia on our minds

By Emily Tamkin

Why the Southern state continues to cause hope and heartache for Democrats.