Five things you need to know: DUP won't support Johnson's Brexit deal "as it stands"

Plus, Morgan floats Netflix model for BBC, Trump defends abandoning Kurds, 12,000 Asda staff could face sack.


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DUP say they cannot support Johnson's proposed Brexit deal

The leadership of the Democratic Unionist Party has said that it cannot support Boris Johnson's proposed deal for leaving the European Union "as things stand". In a joint statement, the party's leader and deputy leader, Arlene Foster and Nigel Dodds, said: "We could not support what is being suggested on customs and consent issues and there is a lack of clarity on VAT". 

Culture secretary considering Netflix model for BBC

Culture Secretary Nicky Morgan has said she is open minded about replacing the BBC licence fee with an optional subscription model similar to the one operated by US tech giant Netflix. Speaking to the Culture Media and Sport select committee, she said she would have to listen to evidence about such a change's impact: “What I haven’t seen is any evidence, either way, what a subscription-based system would do in terms of the revenue."

Trump defends decision to abandon Kurds

Donald Trump has defended his decision to abandon the US's former Kurdish allies in Northern Syria, saying the fighters who had helped crush Isis militants were "no angels". Trump gave Turkey the greenlight to invade the region a week ago, and since then there have been dozens of civilian deaths and the Kurds have said they will ally with Russia and the forces of Syrian leader Bashar Al Assad against the Turkish forces.

12,000 Asda workers facing sack over contract dispute

As many as 12,000 workers for Asda are facing the sack if they do not sign a controversial new contract with the supermarket, according to Sky News. Staff have until 2 November to agree to the new terms, which have been described by union organisers as "draconian", 

Parents of crash victim pressed by Trump to meet killer driver

The parents of Harry Dunn say they were repeatedly pressed by Donald Trump to meet the diplomat's wife who was involved in the crash that killed their son during a visit to the White House. 

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