Five things you need to know: Brexit deal "very difficult" says Varadkar, police clear XR

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Securing Brexit deal will be "very difficult" says Varadkar

Irish premier Leo Varadkar has warned that there are big gaps between the UK and the EU on Brexit and getting a deal before the 31 October deadline will be "very difficult". The Taoiseach held a 45 minute call with Boris Johnson on Tuesday and is expected to meet him for talks later this week.

Arrest top 500 as police attempt to clear Extinction Rebellion

The Metropolitan Police have used section 14 orders banning London protests as they attempt to clear protesters from Extinction Rebellion. More than 500 have been arrested over two days of protests, but campaigners are expected to continue direct action including a planned sit in at London City airport.

Turkey claims green light from Trump as it prepares Syria move

Turkish officials have claimed that President Donald Trump handed over responsibility for the fight against Isis in Syria to the country's President Recep Tayyap Erdoğan, contradicting US denials. Turkish military forces were on Tuesday massing at the border in what is expected to be an offensive against Kurdish forces who have until now been the US's closest allies in the war against the Islamic militants.  

Violent hate crime against disabled up 41 per cent

Recorded violent hate crimes against disabled people rose by 41 per cent between 2017/18 and 2018/19, according to figures obtained by a disability charity. Leonard Cheshire obtained data from 25 out of 43 police forces which showed the number of reported incidents increased from 1,805 to 2,538 over the year, with online hate crimes up 71 per cent and the total number of hate crimes overall up 22 per cent.

£170m Euromillions jackpot makes UK's biggest lottery winner

A single ticket holder has won a Euromillions lottery jackpot of more than £170m, the largest lottery win ever in the UK. The previous record holders were Colin and Chris Weir who £161m in 2011.