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The many awkward facial expressions of Ted Cruz

Ted Cruz has a gift for communicating his feelings, all through his face.

By Emad Ahmed

Everyone knows Donald Trump is a walking specimen of a Republican gone rogue. However, Monday’s Iowa caucus resulted in a surprise victory for Ted Cruz, a candidate who is almost equally despised by fellow Republicans and liberal entertainers.

What’s fascinating about the chap is not his extreme rightwing views (which will be analysed even further given his win), but the melee of emotions his face expresses at any given moment.

So here are some funny photos of Ted Cruz’s face:

This fired-up photo makes him look like he’s going through an excruciating bout of constipation.

And you thought your kids disliked you?

Here’s a lesson all right-wing politicians need to continuously learn: never raise your right arm into that sort of position.

…And again.

On the night of his caucus win, Cruz achieves the effect of looking both horrified with, intrigued by, and resigned to, some atrocity that has taken place in the crowd.

Cruz looking quietly panicked during his handshake with fellow senator Chuck Grassley.

Can someone pass him the antibacterial hand gel please?

Cruz being tough on illegal entry in the US.

Here he is standing between Donald Trump and Jeb Bush, looking shifty.

Poor Cruz can’t hide he’s just been waving at the wrong family in the audience.

Cruz’s wife Heidi buttoning up her husband’s shirt collar. Or at least, that’s what we think she’s doing. Personally, I think he should have followed Bernie Sanders’ presentation skills…

Should Cruz end up winning the presidency, we should look out for his eventual transformation into Kevin from The Office:

Until that happens, we’ll remain as enthusiastic as the exclamation mark in Jeb! Bush’s logo:

Images from Getty.