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14 November 2018

WATCH: Persistent anti-Brexit campaigner versus BBC cameraman

Freedom of movement.

By Media Mole

Remainers are often classed as a nuisance sniping from the sidelines by Brexiteers, and in this clip that accusation seems literally to be true.

As the government attempts to sign off a draft text of the Brexit withdrawal agreement this week, a BBC journalist attempted to interview her guest – Georgina Wright from the Chatham House think tank – about it.

But they – and more crucially, their cameraman – had more than Brexit wrangling to contend with. An pro-EU campaigner managed to get into every shot, displaying impressive knowledge of the cuts used in talking head interviews like this.

Watch him go:

The cameraman changes angle to try and shift away from the protester, but he is never far behind. This game of cat-and-mouse has, inevitably, been put to the Benny Hill theme: