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Top Ten Creative Campaigns | Stony Stratford Library | 2011

Facebook organised protest arranges mass book withdrawal from Library.

The shelves at Stony Stratford library, on the outskirts of Milton Keynes once held 16,000 books.

Now, after a campaign on Facebook, they are empty.

Every library user was urged to take out their full entitlement of 15 books and keep them for a week.

The plan was to empty the shelves by closing time on Saturday but the last 15 books were taken out with 24 hours to go before the deadline, with self-help and practical mechanics books proving the least popular.

Library users hope that the empty shelves will show Milton Keynes council the gaping void in the community that will be created if planned library closures go ahead.

The Liberal Democrat council faces budget cuts of £25 million and is considering closing at least 2 of 10 outlying branch libraries.

Library users took no notice of a December 2010 letter from the council who, having heard of the plan, urged people not to act.

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