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Top Ten Creative Campaigns | Fathers 4 Justice | 2003

Fathers 4 Justice is famed for capturing media attention with well-organised, high-profile stunts.

Established in 2003, F4J has as its stated aims the reform of family law and equal contact rights for divorced parents.

The group has drawn attention to its cause by scaling buildings including Buckingham Palace and the Royal Courts of Justice, as well as the homes of public figures such as that of the Labour deputy leader, Harriet Harman, while dressed in superhero costumes.

The group was temporarily disbanded in 2006 following an alleged plot to kidnap the son of the then prime minister, Tony Blair.

There have been branches of the group in the Netherlands, Canada, the United States, Italy and Germany.

F4J USA has staged similar headline-grabbing campaigns, including draping a banner promoting the cause across the Lincoln Memorial in Washington, DC.

Though criticised for many of its tactics, the group has successfully and consistently launched campaigns that focus media attention on issues and questions surrounding fathers' rights.

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