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Poll of Conservative Candidates: full results

The full results of the poll of Tory PPCs in this week's New Statesman.

1a. Who is your political hero?

Margaret Thatcher 34 percent

Winston Churchill 17 percent

William Wilberforce 6 percent

Nelson Mandela 5 percent

Benjamin Disraeli 4 percent

John Major 2 percent

William Hague 2 percent

Joseph Chamberlain 2 percent

Ronald Reagan 2 percent

Keith Joseph 2 percent

George W Bush 1 percent

Frank Field 1 percent

Abraham Lincoln 1 percent

Iain Duncan Smith 1 percent

Mo Mowlam 1 percent

Ken Clarke 1 percent

Thomas Paine 1 percent

Tony Benn 1 percent

Norman Tebbit 1 percent

Bob Dole 1 percent

George Washington 1 percent

Solzhenitzin 1 percent

Malcolm Rifkind 1 percent

Stanley Baldwin 1 percent

Boudicca 1 percent

E D Morell 1 percent

Florence Horsbrugh 1 percent

Richard Lionheart 1 percent

Gandhi 1 percent

Emily Pankhurst 1 percent

John McCain 1 percent

Robert Kennedy 1 percent

Richard Barber 1 percent

William Pitt the Younger 1 percent

Boris Johnson 1 percent

1b. Who is your political villain?

Gordon Brown 28 percent

Tony Blair 12 percent

Other New Labour figures (Blears/Harman/Woodward/Campbell/Ball/Smith) 9 percent

George Galloway 5 percent

Joseph Stalin 5 percent

Ted Heath 4 percent

Peter Mandelson 4 percent

Robert Mugabe 4 percent

Arthur Scargill 4 percent

Adolf Hitler 3 percent

Oliver Cromwell 2 percent

Derek Hatton 2 percent

Napoleon 2 percent

Gerry Adams 1 percent

Ernesto 'Che' Rafael Guevara de la Serna 1 percent

Clement Attlee 1 percent

Philip 2nd of Spain 1 percent

Machiavelli 1 percent

Michael Heseltine 1 percent

Powell 1 percent

Ms. Indira Gandhi 1 percent

Dennis Healey 1 percent

Gladstone 1 percent

Michael Foot 1 percent

Neil Kinnock 1 percent

Tony Crossland 1 percent

Nick Griffin 1 percent

Tony Benn 1 percent

Shirley Williams 1 percent

Stafford Cripps 1 percent

2. What term do you think best describes your political ideology?

Pragmatic Conservatism 26 percent

Cameronism 16 percent

Libertarianism 16 percent

One Nation Toryism 15 percent

Thatcherism 13 percent

Liberal Conservative 6 percent

Fairness 4 percent

Cornerstone 0 percent

Other 4 percent

3. Thinking about issues facing the next government, would you agree or disagree with each of the following statements?

The public spending deficit should be tackled more by cutting spending than raising taxes.

Agree 94 percent

Disagree 2 percent

Don't know 4 percent

Significant numbers of UK Armed Forces personnel will need to remain in Afghanistan for at least 10 more years.

Agree 46 percent

Disagree 34 percent

Don't know 20 percent

The most pressing security issue facing the UK is the threat of a nuclear Iran.

Agree 28 percent

Disagree 53 percent

Don't know 20 percent

The inheritance tax threshold should be raised as a matter of priority.

Agree 59 percent

Disagree 34 percent

Don't know 7 percent

As a matter of priority, Britain needs a fundamental renegotiation of its relationship with the European Union.

Agree 72 percent

Disagree 23 percent

Don't know 5 percent

The next government will need to legislate to make people behave in an environmentally 'greener' way.

Agree 28 percent

Disagree 59 percent

Don't know 13 percent

I would support the reintroduction of the death penalty as a punishment for murder.

Agree 20 percent

Disagree 69 percent

Don't know 11 percent

An explicit cap should be set on the number of immigrants allowed into the country each year.

Agree 91 percent

Disagree 7 percent

Don't know 2 percent

The tax system should treat same-sex couples in a civil partnership in exactly the same way as it treats heterosexual married couples.

Agree 74 percent

Disagree 21 percent

Don't know 5 percent

This article first appeared in the 01 March 2010 issue of the New Statesman, The Dave Ultimatum