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The Latest Polls — Britain Elects
Who’s ahead in the polls?

Polling on who Britons would vote for if a general election was held tomorrow. Weighted and tracked by Britain Elects.

Plug the numbers into our election calculator — Britain Predicts.

Who will be next Prime Minister?

The popularity contest

Public opinion on the politicians vying for your vote.

Did you know? Throughout the 2010-15 parliament, polling found high numbers for the Labour Party but low numbers for the Labour leader.

Who do voters want as Prime Minister?
How does Starmer compare?

Will Scotland vote for independence?

The numbers since 2014

Scotland voted against independence in the 2014 referendum. Here's how the polls have looked when asking the same question since.

What are the issues that matter most to voters?

Who cares about what?

The latest from Ipsos MORI's own Issues Index, which has data going back to the 1970s.

The latest polls

Pollsters which make public their data tables and are members of the British Polling Council feature here.