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Sony rivals Apple with new tablet PC

Sony launches two new Tablet PCs and announces aim to become a leading player in the market.

Sony has unveilled two new tablet PC devices using the Android system, in a bid to emulate the sucess of Apple's iPad.

The Japanese company has also announced that they aim to become the second largest player in the tablet market over the next year. According to research carried out by Gartner, sales could quadruple to 294m units in the next four years.

Analysts argue that niche segments such as the enterprise sector are a crucial area for companies to consider at this time. "Given the expertise Sony has in consumer market and that of Ericsson in network operations, they could have a big impact in connecting the tablet segment," said Manoj Menon of Frost & Sullivan.

This is because a number of Sony's products already allow people all over the world to interact with eachother and play games. He added: "We estimate that by the year 2020 we will see 80bn gadgets connected to each other worldwide."

Despite this, Menon also put forward his concerns about the company not having the starting advantage. "It is going to become an increasingly crowded market place and given the players, it is a fairly ambitious goal."