The best Scottish referendum newspaper front pages

A selection of the best, or most ridiculous, newspaper front pages during the Scottish referendum campaign.

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As both sides of the Scottish referendum debate go head to head on their final day of campaigning, yesterday's front page of the Scottish Sun pits Salmond "the Wee Eck" against Darling.


Believe it or not, the Scottish Sun forecast a win for the Yes campaign based on a cloud formation with Scotland missing from the Union.


The Scottish Sun takes inspiration from the time Napoleon famously uttered "Not tonight Joséphine" to his wife, the Empress's, ear, when she demanded sex.


The Economist opts for slightly sharper political satire with its depiction of "Skintland", the bankrupt, vulnerable and marginal nation that it believes Scotland will become if it opts for independence.


Unlike the Scottish Sun, which wouldn't have used such a derogatory pun for Scots, the English Sun dubs the Scottish referendum the "Jocky Horror Show", in commemoration of Jim Sharman's apparently similarly comical horror film made in the Seventies.

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