Morning Call: pick of the papers

The ten must-read comment pieces from this morning's papers.

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1. The Met's problem isn't bad apples, it's the whole barrel. Abolish it (Guardian)

 After Stephen Lawrence, Ian Tomlinson and countless other scandals, it's clear the Metropolitan police is institutionally rotten. London deserves better, says Owen Jones. 

2. Ukraine needs more than ‘Potemkin cash’ (Financial Times)

The west should make modest promises and then strive to deliver more than the country expects, writes Larry Summers. 

3. The 40p tax rate should be scrapped (Daily Telegraph)

Teachers, police officers and nurses are paying far too much relative to their earnings, says David Skelton. 

4. Western leaders cannot face a ‘looming’ war. So I guess they'll patch something up - and let Russia gobble part of Ukraine (Independent)

The Russians are not going to be shaking in their boots at sanctions, says Robert Fisk. 

5. Beyond the Fringe (Times)

Ukip has become an important party but the more the light is trained on it, the odder it is starting to appear, says a Times editorial. 

6. The CIA has brought darkness to America by fighting in the shadows (Guardian)

 After 9/11 the agency was given free rein to break the rules but when allowed to play dirty abroad, it's difficult to stop at home, writes Gary Younge. 

7. Is Vladimir Putin the new Stalin? Not now the USSR has fallen apart (Daily Telegraph)

A visit from the ghost of a tyrant past leaves the president mourning the loss of an empire, writes Boris Johnson. 

8. Nick Clegg has forgotten his history: Britain was free and outward-looking before the EU (Daily Telegraph)

The Lib Dems want to be the party of the "in" vote, but it seems their “in” is to be bought at any price, says a Telegraph editorial. 

9. The minister should stop his missus sneering (Times)

Attacking private education as Mr Gove’s wife did is easy when your child’s state school is like an Anglican Hogwarts, writes Libby Purves.

10. In praise of … income tax (Guardian)

It is extraordinary that the only pre-budget debate is about how to reduce the fairest source of state revenues, says a Guardian editorial. 

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