Morning Call: pick of the papers

The ten must-read comment pieces from this morning's papers.

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1. This Labour love-in has to end – it’s time to make some enemies (Daily Telegraph)

Without a bold vision for the voters, Ed Miliband and Ed Balls are little more than George Osborne’s pawns, says Mary Riddell. 

2. China’s struggle for a new economy (Financial Times)

When a superb horse meets a high obstacle, the odds are on the horse, writes Martin Wolf. But even the best may fail.

3. Wipe off that smile. The worst is yet to come (Times)

The deep cuts that Britain still requires should take us, in 2018, to where we were in 1997 – when our problems began, writes Daniel Finkelstein. 

4. The NHS fraud story would be terrible, if it were true (Guardian)

The evidence of fraud is weak but the damage is done: the health service is made to look like an impossible dream, writes Zoe Williams. 

5. Labour: slow politics in an accelerating economy (Guardian)

To stay in the game, what Labour needs is less new principles than a new spirit of fight over the practicalities, says a Guardian editorial. 

6. Scotland's goose that lays golden eggs is on strike, Mr Salmond (Daily Telegraph)

Decline in North Sea oil means the SNP's economic case for independence doesn't stack up, says Allister Heath. 

7. An audacious Tory gambit that could win the election - and you can put your house on that (Daily Mail)

Cameron’s undertaking to look at the inheritance tax threshold is another welcome sign, says Stephen Glover. 

8. Depriving prisoners of books is sheer vindictiveness (Times)

Grayling's policy is unworthy of a country always ready to lecture others on how to behave, says Denis MacShane. 

9. All this virile cold war talk won't force Vladimir Putin to slink back (Guardian)

As the most potent symbol of Russia's lost glory, Crimea will never be returned to Ukraine, writes Simon Jenkins. The west must accept this.

10. My live debate with Nick Clegg is upon us. Does he realise what is about to hit him? (Independent)

I’ve been waiting years for this opportunity, and I won’t be wasting it, says Nigel Farage. 

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