Morning Call: pick of the papers

The ten must-read comment pieces from this morning's papers.

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1. What does China want with Britain's nuclear industry? (Guardian)

The Chinese state is not philanthropic, writes Isabel Hilton. Questions about safety, sovereignty and cost should be asked before we take its money.

2. America and Europe go their own way (Financial Times)

The close calls experienced by both sides will influence their relationship, writes Philip Stephens.

3. We need Help to Build before Help to Buy (Times)

Why should taxpayers guarantee 95 per cent mortgages? They’’ll have to pick up the pieces if it goes belly up, writes Matthew Oakeshott.

4. Another Tory-Lib Dem coalition in 2015? It's no done deal (Guardian)

ith £40bn of fiscal misery still to come, talk of another Tory-Lib Dem coalition predicated on possible tax cuts seems far-fetched, says Gavin Kelly.

5. How upward mobility went down the drain (Times)

It’s a depressing picture: Britain is now a country where it is extremely hard to break out of poverty, writes Philip Collins. 

6. It's recovery – but not as we want it (Daily Telegraph)

Low interest rates and rising house prices are not what we need, writes Jeremy Warner.

7. The police have been exposed over plebgate. Now give Mitchell his job back (Independent)

It's fortunate that the former Chief Whip recorded his police interview, writes Steve Richards.

8. One dud free school is not a broken system (Daily Telegraph)

The Al-Madinah fiasco must not be allowed to usher in a new era of dead-hand bureaucracy, says Isabel Hardman. 

9. If Britain's charities are gagged, who will stop this lobbying bill? (Guardian)

Often charities' job is to be a thorn in the side of government, writes Polly Toynbee. But now they're being co-opted and coerced into silence.

10. The young pay a heavy price for the support given to the elderly (Daily Telegraph)

Over-65s have every advantage - and the coalition is bent on giving them even more, says Fraser Nelson.