Morning Call: pick of the papers

The ten must-read comment pieces from this morning's papers.

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1. Referendum-talk is cheap. Campaigning's the hard part (Guardian)

Direct democracy is alien to our system. Which is why, as with AV, and now in Scotland, we can't seem to get it off the ground, says Steve Richards.

2. The dying art of stealing elections, Mugabe-style (FT) (£)

Africa’s new middle class will beat the stability-at-all-costs crowd, writes Mark Malloch-Brown.

3. Even Gollum can’t spoil the day as cycling’s revolution rolls on (Telegraph)

The sport in Britain is ready for the next leap ahead after Sunday’s 100-mile extravaganza , says Boris Johnson.

4. The Government’s shameful scapegoating of immigrants (Independent)

The Home Office messages subliminally warn all people of colour not to get too comfortable, writes Yasmin Alibhai-Brown.

5. This war isn't over yet (Telegraph)

In the wake of an al-Qaeda threat that threw Western governments into turmoil, it is clear the terror network is far from defeated, says Con Coughlin.

6. Which way will the Lib Dems swing in 2015? (Times) (£)

The greatest threat to the coalition continuing after another inconclusive election will come from Tory MPs, writes Tim Montgomerie.

7. Our pity for child victims must also extend to the ones that survive (Guardian)

If the child victims grow up – with all the scars and struggles needed to survive – the story changes and we ignore them, writes Tanya Gold.

8. Watching and waiting to see what Governor Carney’s interest rate ‘guidance’ will mean for UK growth (Independent)

Mark Carney’s hope is that he can successfully decouple gilt and US Treasury bond yields, says Ben Chu.

9. What is to be done about Mugabe? ‘Nahthing’ (Times) (£)

There won’t be protests over the vote-rigging in Zimbabwe. You need to have hope for that, writes Jan Raath.

10. What on earth is this obsession with getting mothers out to work? (Daily Mail)

I despair of a Tory Party that bribes mothers to get others to take care of their children, writes Melanie Phillips.

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