Watch: NS webinar on Brexit and the UK’s move to a clean energy economy

Professor Molly Scott Cato, Giles Dickson, and Dave Keating on whether leaving the EU will impact the UK's net zero targets.

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The UK leaving the European Union will have myriad regulatory and legislative consequences. Any trade deals that Britain may pursue with other countries could involve compromises on environmental standards. Will Brexit hinder the UK's net zero ambitions?

In November, the New Statesman's Spotlight and Energy Monitor held 'Net Zero Policy Week'. The week-long event brought together sector leaders, experts and policymakers to discuss what the challenges and opportunities are for the UK in meeting its emissions targets, through digital panels, live Q&As, and interviews.

An online panel discussion, chaired by Energy Monitor senior writer Dave Keating, explored these key issues. The panel brought together former Green member of european parliament Professor Molly Scott Cato and CEO of Wind Europe Giles Dickson, to discuss how Brexit will impact the UK's move to a clean energy economy. 

Watch the session back here: 

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