Building back better: a green recovery

Mitigating the climate crisis while stimulating jobs and economic growth

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Crises are often the catalyst for real, lasting and positive change. During the coronavirus pandemic, experts and researchers at The University of Manchester have been helping prepare the world for a post-pandemic future. By considering local prosperity, jobs, resilience and equality, they are at the forefront of new thinking, helping drive the innovations that are needed to help build back better.

With a network of over 600 energy and climate change experts and researchers, the university is committed to working with government, institutions, and businesses to create a better, greener, fairer, and healthier future. Here are just a few examples of how The University of Manchester’s research is addressing the climate emergency.

Low-carbon energy sources
Only by accomplishing a massive energy shift can we reduce the climate threat created by fossil fuels. Experts at the university in this area include Professors Mike Barnes, Tim Stallard and Francis Livens, who focus on generating power from offshore wind, tidal and nuclear respectively. Another focus is on mass deployment and fast-track decarbonisation by using low-carbon solutions already available in areas such as retrofitting in homes and public buildings (Professor Stefan Bouzarovski), aviation and shipping (Professor Alice Larkin), and food emissions (Professor Sarah Bridle).

Transformational technology
New technologies offer us the chance to transform our economy, generating jobs, reducing inequality between different parts of the UK, and promoting a healthier environment and society. Dr Clair Gough and Dr Sarah Mander are leading work on carbon capture and storage, hydrogen, and industrial decarbonisation, while Professor Frank Boons brings expertise on how to accelerate the circular economy.

The right insight
The key to preparing the world for the challenges of climate change is access to the right insight. Manchester’s experts and researchers are currently working with policymakers on how to measure and account for carbon emissions (Dr Chris Jones); how to drive businesses to deliver on net zero (Professor Jonatan Pinkse); and how to build a resilient infrastructure where renewable energy, lifestyle changes, and new technology can be brought together to tackle climate change (Dr Ruth Wood).

Harness our expertise
Energy is one of the university’s research beacons. It is an example of interdisciplinary collaboration and cross-sector partnerships, which lead to pioneering discoveries and solutions to global challenges.

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