Navigating a new era of intelligent automation

Neil Murphy, vice president, head of global business development at Abbyy, considers the steps businesses can take to get the most out of digital transformation

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Digital transformation can be a complex undertaking, especially at the outset, where large buy-in and investment is needed. However, the tools and technologies to make new solutions a reality are readily available. In fact, the core technologies for digital transformation may already be in use in certain areas of your organisation. In most companies, intelligent capture, robotic process automation (RPA) and artificial intelligence (AI) are the central building blocks of digital transformation. Here are steps your business can take to prepare for the new era of intelligent automation...

Leverage RPA as the driving force for positive change
The volume and complexity of content is growing exponentially. To leverage the value in that information, businesses need to do more than just scan and archive documents. They need to automatically extract all relevant data and integrate that information into their operation.

RPA is key to accomplishing this. It is sophisticated software designed to mimic what a user does in any given application. It can connect legacy systems, apply business logic, and connect software and processes to eliminate the repetitive work that humans often perform.

It works via software “robots” which follow a pre-determined process to automatically initiate actions, perform calculations, move or populate information between pre-identified locations and/or launch downstream activities.

Move beyond traditional capture
In the past, paper-based documents were essential to a functioning business. However, with the advent of scanners and mobile devices, organisations quickly realised that digitising paper documents and data could improve their operations. Today, that scanning process known as “capture” is driving a shift in how organisations use and consume data. Capture has evolved to connect new digital technologies such as RPA to handle invoicing, new account opening, claims processing and more.

However, to grow and expand the use of RPA within an enterprise, robots must become smarter to be able to interpret and understand unstructured content (documents, images and text) and turn into actionable structured information.

Consume AI to deliver content IQ
Content IQ is defined as a class of enabling technologies that help digital workforces understand and create meaning from enterprise content. Content IQ provides the ability to automatically extract all relevant information from documents and breaks down processing of content into easy to use and consume technology that can be leveraged directly within an automation solution such as RPA.

Content IQ is helping transform business at all levels of RPA, starting with the most basic automation robots all the way to designing robots that automate tasks involving more intuition, judgement and problem solving. By incorporating these steps towards Content IQ, businesses will gain new meaning and opportunity to apply intelligence to their content and connect it to their business processes.

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