Watch: Christiana Figueres on a sustainable economic recovery

The former executive secretary of the UNFCCC addresses the New Statesman's Global Policy Forum. 

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One of, if not the main challenge of the post-pandemic world will be climate change and moving from a fossil fuel to a clean energy economy if countries are to meet Paris Agreement commitments and Sustainable Development Goals. How do we (re)make a carbon constrained world? What policies are needed to power this new world without causing runaway climate change? How do we protect bio-diversity? And how do we safeguard the food supply?

On 12 June, the New Statesman’s Spotlight policy supplement convened an online global policy forum, which brought together former and current leaders from politics, business and international organisations to discuss how we can meet the challenges of a post-pandemic world. In this session, Christiana Figueres, former executive secretary of the UNFCCC joins New Statesman energy editor Philippa Nuttall Jones to discuss climate change and sustainability after coronavirus.

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