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Safety first

I feel compelled to write in and give my views on the wheelie bin situation in Enfield. I have noticed that wheelie bins are just the right size to fit an adult in. Is this the council’s attempt to spy on those it’s supposed to be benefiting? I have also been told by my friends in other similarly misguided boroughs that youths frequently hide in them and pop out, scaring the elderly residents.

When will councils learn to put our privacy and safety first?

Letter in the Enfield Independent (Linda McGowan)

Danger: milk

The latest Cadbury Dairy Milk wrappers now include yellow boxes saying “CONTAINS MILK” to warn people who are allergic to it. A Cadbury spokesman said it was meeting legal requirements.

Evening Standard (Ron Rubin)

Just recently Google has brought out with a great deal of alterations and improvements to their prominent search system, including Googles Knowledge Graph Release. Read More...