New Statesman Media launches new spinoff technology website, NS Tech

Bringing technology stories to life.

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Progressive Media today announces the latest addition to the New Statesman family, NS Tech.

The new B2B enterprise technology site will serve the growing number of people in both public and private sectors who need to be on top of the themes and concepts coming out of the tech industry. It will bring technology stories to life, get behind the jargon and help you understand what technologies could be about to transform your business.

The new site is edited by Kirsty Styles, formerly of The Next Web, Tech City News and Mobile Marketing magazine.

Styles said: “Since I started covering the tech industry five years ago, I’ve loved getting to grips with how technology works in practice and looking at the issues that truly matter for people whose work is increasingly affected by the great digital transformation.

“Expect analysis of the ethics behind the technology, coverage of women in tech, and a bit of a fun twist on B2B news and analysis.”

Helen Lewis, the New Statesman’s deputy editor, said: "Science and technology are fast-changing subjects, and they require intelligent, thoughtful reporters to uncover the best stories and deliver high-quality analysis. Under Kirsty, NS Tech will be the best place on the internet for specialist coverage of the entire industry.”

The New Statesman’s web traffic has grown strongly in recent years, and in 2014 the website launched its first spin-off sites: the elections microsite, and the urbanism magazine, CityMetric.

Between them, the New Statesman’s websites now attract more than 2.5m visitors every month.

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