How younger people are driving the rise in Covid-19 hospitalisations in the north-west

Hospitalisations of under-65s in the north-west of England are growing rapidly.

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The number of people being admitted to hospital with Covid-19 in the north-west of England is rising again, potentially heralding the start of a fourth peak in the region. However, unlike in previous waves, the age distribution of those being admitted is far lower this time around, providing evidence that vaccines are working.

Younger people are driving the rise in Covid hospitalisations in the north-west
Weekly new hospitalisations in the north-west of England, by age group
UK government Covid-19 dashboard

While in previous waves there were larger volumes of admissions among older age groups, data from the last six weeks shows admissions in the north-west remain stable for these groups – with around 30 new patients per week aged between 65 and 84, and around ten over-85s per week.

By contrast, hospitalisations of under-65s in the north-west are growing rapidly. In the week ending 5 June, 163 under-65s were admitted to hospital, three times the rate a month ago. 

This shift clearly mirrors vaccination rates: over 90 per cent of over-80s and almost 80 per cent of those over 50 in England are fully vaccinated, while those aged below 30 were only offered a first dose this week. 

Katharine Swindells is a New Statesman Media Group data journalist. 

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