Man explodes strawberry using power of his mind live on TV

A hitherto unforeseen side effect of headsets like Google Glass could be Uri Geller-like powers.

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Shocking scenes on Newsnight last night as a psychic used the power of his mind to explode a strawberry.

Yes, really - watch:

OK, so it's only a virtual strawberry, but it's still quite cool. Headsets like the one in the piece are increasingly cheap and powerful, and have been put to all kinds of uses. There's one that shocks you when you get killed in a computer game, or there's one that can be used to monitor your mental health, and there's even one you can use to visualise how your brain reacts to the taste of cocktails.

However, as of yet we're not sure there's anyone working on proper telekenesis. Which is a shame.

Emily Maitlis with a tech psychic. (Photo: BBC Newsnight)

Ian Steadman is a staff science and technology writer at the New Statesman. He is on Twitter as @iansteadman.

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