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Christianity's top 11 most controversial figures | Guy Fawkes

Britain's number one conspirator.

Mr. Fawkes need little introduction.

A devout Catholic, Fawkes got in with the 'wrong sort' after his mother married a recusant Catholic. Converting to Catholicism himself, Guy travelled to the Low Countries to fight the Dutch Protestant reformators alongside Spanish Catholic forces.

Filled with the fever of rebellion, Fawkes followed his comrades back to Spain to garner support for an English Catholic uprising. Failing entirely in this quest, he returned to England with fellow Catholic Thomas Wintour.

On his return he was introduced by Wintour to Robert Catesby and friends, who planned to assassinate the King, James I.

Fawkes was a handy accomplice. Antonia Fraser has termed Fawkes "a man of action ... capable of intelligent argument as well as physical endurance, somewhat to the surprise of his enemies."

With ability and zeal a plenty - Guy Fawkes set about planing the Gunpowder Plot. As history tells us (and an unforgettable rhyme annually recited), Fawkes and co were not to have their way. An anonymous letter gave the game away - the conspirator found guarding the explosives under the Houses of Parliament

Even on his way out, Fawkes couldn't help meet with controversy. As he stood atop the gallows ready to be hung, Guy flung himself off the platform and broke his neck, dying before he could feel the excruciating pain of being hung, drawn and quartered.


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