Subscriber of the week: Allan Kilner-Johnson

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What do you do?

University lecturer.

Where do you live?


Do you vote?

Yes, but in America.

How long have you been a subscriber?

Two years.

What made you start?

Reading a copy at Gladstone’s Library.

Is the NS bug in the family?

I make my husband listen to me read key bits.

What pages do you flick to first?

Nicholas Lezard – he’s soapy, episodic and immensely relatable.

How do you read yours?

Front half Saturday, back half Sunday. Coffee with both.

What would you like to see more of in the NS?

Short fiction.

Who are your favourite NS writers?

John Gray, Helen Thompson, Megan Nolan.

Who would you put on the cover of the NS?

David Attenborough.

With which political figure would you least like to be stuck in a lift?

Rudy Giuliani.

All-time favourite NS article?

“The peak”: Edward Docx on Dr Jim Down and Covid-19.

The New Statesman is…

A thought-provoking companion. 

This article appears in the 08 January 2021 issue of the New Statesman, Out of control

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