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What do you do?

Write, connect, and play music on the radio.

Where do you live?

Marple, Stockport. 

Do you vote?


How long have you been a subscriber?

About five years.

What made you start?

I decided to make permanent an on/off relationship. 

Is the NS bug in the family?

It is now.

What pages do you flick to first?

Commons Confidential.

How do you read yours?

Leader, back pages, cover story, columns.

What would you like to see more of in the NS?

Real stories from the north.

Who are your favourite NS writers?

Stephen Bush, Tracey Thorn, Ian Leslie, Anna Leszkiewicz.

Who would you put on the cover of the NS?

Andy Burnham.

With which political figure would you least like to be stuck in a lift?

Nigel Farage.

All-time favourite NS article? 

Jason Cowley’s obituary of Mark Hollis.

The New Statesman is…

Always surprising, never unchallenging. 


This article appears in the 06 November 2020 issue of the New Statesman, American chaos

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